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Cats part company over vague language to deal

February 05, 2008

Steve Milton The Hamilton Spectator

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A highly-placed CFL source suggested to The Spec
on the weekend that the Tannenbaum-Rogers bunch

-- representing only about 95 per cent
of the sports money in this shire --

wanted a general letter of support
from the Tiger-Cats on their NFL concept.

Ticat president Scott Mitchell adamantly
refused to comment on that, but

it wouldn't be a shocker if it were true.

With suggestions already surfacing that
the federal government should look at

protecting the Canadian cultural institution

-- the CFL can't truly be just a business
when everyone expects to lose money every year

-- it sure wouldn't hurt the Rogers
Stadium Limited Partnership bunch

to have a letter in hand that shows

the condemned man agreed to the
general concept of his own execution.

Kudos to bob and Scott

for not playing into the hand
of the Roger's wanna-be NFL owners.

Ticats refuse to support Bills' games in Toronto

Ken Peters Hamilton Spectator

February 5, 2008

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats say American football
is not welcome on this side of the border.

The Ticats would have received
5,000 tickets for the eight contests

to sell to their season ticket subscribers.

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Showme one single word of proof for that nonsense

Showme one single word of proof for that nonsense
What are you getting at?

whats fact: THE NFL DOESNT CARE WHO THE CFL IS PERIOD! IF THEY WANT TO INVADE THEY WILL AND SWALLOW WHO EVER THING IN ITS PATH! There is only two things they are too arogant to admit!One the CFL was here way before the NFL!Two the United States Of American is headed in for a huge reccesion!People in the "States" wont be able to afford the NFL soon!LMAO!:wink:

NFL = Walmart.


And Walmart = great marketing with inferior products.

What exactly is wrong with liking both leagues. I've never understood the thinking that one league has to be garbage as spoken by many who let emotion take over from reason. IMO these comments show either the complete lack of intelligent thought by the ranters or an inferiority complex so severe the ranters have ceased to be able to function. Come on guys defend the CFL if you like but remeber a very large number of CFL fans like theNFL too. You are throwing dirt into the face of your fellow fans. Lets get realistic people.

Who's said that?

BTW, I agree with your statement.

Your jokes suggest otherwise Kirk. I’d be banned if I told you what I thought of you are all of the others who are being stupid

Jokes suggest humour.

Just because I joked the NFL was inferior doesn't meant i don;t like it.

I like the NFL. I loved the Super Bowl and think the NFL has been more entertaining than the CFL has been the past two years.

There are some solid statements as opposed to suggestions.

You make way too many assumptions.

What's stupid about my joke?

Sorry but your jokes suggest you hate the NFL, nothing else

See, I proved you wrong yet again.

Just because I prefer one league over the other does not mean I hate one.

I've been watching both leagues for decades, and I've attended many live NFL games. Does that still suggest I hate the NFL?

Nothing, if a love of football is the only consideration. But there's more going on here than football, isn't there?

In all sports except football, Southern Ontario is a "winner takes all" game - you're either the corporate darling or you're fighting for table scraps. Only in football is there significant fan interest and corporate support for a tier 2 league, and that's largely because there is no tier 1 team on Canadian soil. In that environment, if you care about the CFL, what's wrong with seeing this as the threat that it is.

I think NFL football is fine - it provides as excellent an atmoshpere for drinking beer in a crowd as any. But I love the CFL and, since the greatest threat to the long-term success of the CFL is the local popularity of the NFL, I have a strong negative emotional reaction to the idea of the NFL in Toronto. I think it's inevitable that it will be there, but that doesn't mean I like.

Bottom line folks...if you love the CFL that much...and there are enough of you....go out and support it. Then the Argos and Cats can laugh as they play to soldout crowds every game making piles of cash while the Bufforonto Bills play to 21k.
If I were the City Council in Hamilton (or whomever has the authority to do this) I'd be setting up some pretty time consuming construction and detours on the QEW every time the Bills play in the big smoke.

But're arguing how great the CFL is and how we need to protect it and outlaw the NFL. Well....the CFL teams apparently lose money while the NFL teams don't even need to play a single game to make a whopping profit. So...instead of agreeing to pay more for the sport you so dearly want the government to step in and help them for you. Right?

The decline of this agreement by the Tabbies was a good move to hopefully make a CFL/NFL agreement more likely. It will also help the Tabbies if they should suffer from the presence of the Buffaronto Bills. The league, save the stoopid Argos, are against this. The Tigercats just decided to be a part of a league instead of some agreement with the dumb Argos and the Bills.

IF the NFL shows up and stays put in Toronto the Argos can merge with the Tigercats. merge I mean the $ucky Argos can get suited up and stand on the sidelines (away from the Tabbies) and get pelted with garbage every game at Ivor Wynne. It will help keep the storied Argo franchise alive and will definitely boost ticket sales in the Hammer.

I find it funny that YOU alone are allowed an opinion on whether or not to like both leagues, you call people stupid if they do no like the NFL and jump down their throats for being against a move like this,

Here let me sum it up for you:


I'm not a big NFL fan either I much prefer the CFL does that make me one those people being stupid?

I DO NOT want the NFL coming here at all.

I call them stupid for belittling the NFL knowing full well that most of the people around them at Cats games enjoy both leagues. It shows no class and is frankly begging people to stay away from CFL games. How is that helpful? It isn't. It a totally idiotic way to act.

So them giving their opinion on the NFL is stupid AND now idiotic, so why is your opinion on how the NFL is good not also stupid and idiotic, pretty harsh words for someone who disagrees with you don't you think?

You know what?, there are only NFL fans... only CFL fans and NFL/CFL fans an each have their own opinions why, and you have not right to call people stupid and idiotic for disagreeing with your opinion

When it belittles NFL fans, ABSOLUTELY. You know what else. NFL fans that belittle CFL fans are rude and arrogant but at least they aren't shooting themselves in the foot in the process

C'mon guys and girls you are welcome to express your opinions, but leave each other out of it.

So an argument that says "the CFL is great" or "the NFL is better" are just fine.

But arguments that say "you are stupid for saying " are not.

This is not a hard concept. Please behave, these forums are for everyone - not just those you agree with.

Cheers, Bob.