Not Impressed with 3 of our QB's

I hate being the one to flame our QB's but with the exception of Burris...

None of our QB's impressed me.

I thought LeFevour showed pretty well. Especially that corner route throw....very nice spiral. On the other hand....Forcier....meh! And Porter....disappointing but with regards to those two sacks/fumbles....I can"t fault him so much as the line. Someone...anyone...should have picked up the blitz. I was not impressed with that.

I don't expect to be impressed in the first preseason game with such a short camp.

Nothing in that game surprised me. My only expectation in a preseason game is to have no expectations.

The Argos outmatched us at the line and the tackle had to look "inside, out" which means leave the farthest guy on the outside free and hope your QB notices and gets the ball off in time. It is really no ones fault, QP has to read and react to that so fast its unfair to even expect him too, just a great defensive scheme.

The second fumble wasn't his fault, he was calling an audible, and the centre snapped the ball WAY too early. He showed good hustle to remain in the play and get the ball back...

Forcier has been released


Burris had some good moments and some bad moments. LeFevour looked promising. Forcier is gone. I want to see how Porter does in the next game before i make any judgements

No doubt, the first fumble was on O'Neil.

Dave Naylor on his twitter feed is reporting that the cats released Tate Forcier...

The Ticats have already confirmed it.

QB La Fevour defiantly has some talent, I'm looking forward to see how he develops still very early, he's only been in camp seven or eight days.

"QB La Fevour defiantly has some talent..."

He defiantly has some talent, or definitely has some talent?

Note that a spellchecker will not help you here, as both are legitimate words.
A REALLY good online spellchecker would be one that catches mistakes not only on spelling, but on context.

But I guess in this case, it is equally good to say he defiantly has some talent; or definitely...
I suppose it depends on what the author meant.
So - no, I will not blame you - I will blame the lousy spellchecker....
Speaking of Q/Bs... I would not be surprised if the Cats bring in ANOTHER QB to compete.
I am not convinced, nor do I believe that Cortez is convinced, that we can win with Porter.
Only reason HE wasn't released, is because of his tenure & experience - being with Ticats for 4 years now...

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I think the decision to release Forcier was a good one. Given that I have never been a Porter fan,

I hope he’s next to go if he fails to put up some good numbers in the Winnipeg game. I’m not just

talking about the occasional one yard plunge either, I’m talking about his thus far, inability to locate

secondary receivers when his primary receivers are covered and his inabnility to put the ball on the

money while rolling left or right or, for that matter, from the pocket.

This guy continues to be a waste of time.

That's a pretty accurate assessment. Forcier is only 21 years old and basically looked like a little kid out there. He might have some potential but that would be a very long term project. I don't think the Cats would be interested in that type of investment or commitment.

Porter is the same old Porter. He just doesn't seem to have the vision and quick decision making required to be a QB in the CFL. I don't think that's something that can be taught.

LeFevour on the other hand performed better than Porter and he's only been around for a couple of weeks. The guy is very mobile and elusive. He got away from a pass rush a few times and either made a play or avoided a big sack. He seemed to make quick decisions and can throw a nice deep spiral. I think if we keep him he may develop into a CFL starter within a couple of years especially under the tutelage of Burris and Cortez. LeFevour has the tools and skills to develop into what the Cats thought Porter would eventually become.

What are you? A teacher? Give the guy a break.

I didn't see it, but my friend said she saw LeFevour run back to huddle up after his 3rd down gamble late in the game where he threw the ball away to avoid a sack. I think he probably knew that there are only 3 downs in the CFL but I don't think he KNEW it until that play. She said he looked a little confused why the rest of the offense left the field. That was a highlight that could only lead to a new nick-name - 4th Down perhaps?


Yep, I noticed that too. LeFevour turned to run back to the huddle after his 3-down throw-away, then he stopped with a rather perplexed look on his face (oops, no more downs.) :wink:

LeFevour played very well in my estimation and that minor brain cramp is understandable since he’s been in camp such a short time. I was impressed with his poise in the pocket while looking down-field for a secondary target…there are many veteran CFL QB’s who can’t do that. If their primary receiver is covered they’ll take off and run. Ricky Ray is the best I’ve seen with his down-field vision…while “looking off” his intended target. LeFevour has good mechanics and seems like a keeper to me. :thup:

Yup, yup, and yup.

Last year, Porter turned it around in the second preseason game, looking better than I had seen him, staying in the pocket, going through multiple reads. But it didn't seem to stick. By the time of the Great QB Flip-flop experiment late in the season, he had reverted to his one look and run style. It's almost like he needs to be reminded before every play what he's supposed to do. I expect that Porter will be our #2 QB until the first time he's called on for more than short yardage. After which, the team may decide to try LeFevour in the next garbage time.