Not happy

Had a hockey game tonite so I couldn't go but I saw the first half on TSN. My thoughts

  1. Defence played poor vs. 3rd string QB
  2. 2 penalaties at the end of half killed him
  3. Fumble by Lumsden a total momentum killer
  4. ANOTHER missed FG and a poor punt


  1. Bauman looks good
  2. Tre Smith needs the most touches
  3. Kwolton looks good

My son went to the game and he is 11, I have taken him probably 20 games over the years,, he has never seen them win.

He told me the refs blew the second half for us.

What happened??

3rd string is just a number. It doesn't necessarily mean a less competent QB. A lot of factors go into placing a player in the depth chart. I'm betting you will see Durant moved up the chart to number 2 and could easily be number 1

I thought Lumsden more than made up for his fumble with strong play in the second half. The D gave up a big play at the end of the game, but you have to love the resilience this team showed all game. Our offense answered back when they had to, the game was just two minutes too long.

OK Missed Fieldgoal (who was holding for Nick) and plus he nailed a 48 yarder later i think when Chang is holding again Nick will be fine Lumsden umm he may be a FREAK but he is human Fumbles are Football. AND ARE U SERIOUS ABOUT THE DEFENCE!!!! they Kept this game within reach for when the offence caught there stride they had pressure they didnt completly get run over by Wes Cates but come on look at the team we faced other then a few injuries we are playing a team thats PERFECT so far this Year And won the GC last year before u talk bad about them think of how bad we lost last time we played the green riders with 3rd string QB sigh competitive game and u still wanna complain

Not talking bad about them, like I said I only saw the first half due to a hockey game, I think my observations of the first half are correct and I just wanted to know what happened in the 2nd half. My son was too upset to clearly explain as he has NEVER seen them win a live game