Not Happy with the lineup changes

  1. We cannot go with 3 american offensive lineman as it hurts us in too many areas and besides are strngth is canadian lineman so this is not a good move ..i mean sure let's go with 4 or 5 american lineman of course that would be better but we need to improve other needs liker reciever and linebacker ( Mariuz)

  2. Why move LEWIS to end after he did nothing at tackle . I am guessing this is his last chance to generate soem passs rush .

  3. I think it was a good idea to send a wake up call to NML he has doen nothing thus far other than ocassinally over run containment .

4 . Why keep MARIUZ n there ? please don't tell me that Anthiony is coming to be a stand up d-lineman instead of an outside linebackler ...the issue is with the defesive tackles not the ends .

  1. Our recivers are a bit thin this week without miles's going to be tough with no go to reciever.

6 ok good to see lumsden in there with a good o-line ...that will be our chance this week run run ..let's hope anthony provides some spark and dickerson gets soem pash rush on D

I don’t no why every one is picking on lewis he has 4 sack in 4 game not bad 3rd in the leauge and every time cavka is in at guard we rush for over a 100 yrd so. and i think that the reciveing core will step up with out tony the tiger. and we have two import starting at linebacker so if we start anothney at olb then it effect the ratio. I like the line up .

Injuries make you adjust weekly. That is just the way it is.

We NEED the 3 Americans upfront!! The strength is American offensive Linemen!
Look what happened last week, Jesse sits which means we have to sit one American Offensive Lineman.
What happened? We couldn't run the ball.

There's just not enough good Canadian Offensive Lineman to go around in this league.
Another good reason why we have to REDUCE the Canadian content rule.

Who would’ve thought someone would be unhappy with the lineup?

the issue is with the defesive tackles not the ends .
8) No, actually the issue is the D ends. We have had no pass rush from either end of the line so far !!
I will say that the whole D line has underperformed, but the ends have been our biggest concern since game one.

Hmm ? LEWIS has shown nothing and he will be gone soon unless he steps up fast. Find one other team that has ever used 3 americans on the O-line . It is excessive and weakens other areas. i agree the ENDS have not doen well but i am not as cocerned as i know NML was injured and can do better . As for th tackles ,there is no talent there other than Patrick and they were getting killed against the run

our stregth is our running game and we need to pound the ball, and cavka was a monster in argo game.

I agree with what you say , however i feel maybe wecan use Cavka on one of the ends instead as we have really good canadian guards in Gagne -Marceaux ( injured ) and Hudson and Dyakowski ... if gagne was not injured we would have never even tried Cavka at guard so when gagen comes back it will likley go back to normal anyway . For example who would you rather have Armour at lb with gagne at guard or mariuz at lb and Cavka at guard i'd take the former ..i know we don't have armour anymore but it is just to make the ratio point ...

1 and 6 conflict each other
point 4....we need to start Canadians somewhere

How does Jo Jo Walker go from cut to starting over Cohen?

yes i agree 1 qnd 6 contraduct eachother ..i am trying to enjoy the bulked up oline for the time being but i don't think it is the best long term solution and likely neither does OBIE

Where did you get this from? Lewis has 0 sacks on the year. You're thinking of Darrell Adams, who has 3 sacks in 3 games.

Anyway, the reason we can afford to have 3 American O-linemen is because we have such strong Canadian players elsewhere. How many teams have a starting Canadian tailback? That gives you so much more freedom to start an American elsewhere. Dyakowski is not as strong as Cavka, Woodard or Thomas (although Thomas gets a lot of penalties). The coaches are making the right decision.

i haven't been impressed with dyakowski yet and side i wonder once marcoux comes back if maybe cavka moves to ot over woodard who i feel has been inconsistent the last few years.

Isn’t Marcoux out for the year?

And if I had it my way they would start 5 import linemen lol.

Good question. He has been flammed on these boards though, so I hope he makes some plays out there and proves me and some of the others wrong. (I don't see it happening, but somehow he keeps sticking around so he must have some potential.)

At this point, things are looking very ugly for our passing game.....but I have a feeling Mitchell is going to have a big game.

One more thing, how is Bauman not a starter? A big non-import that has looked good in limited action this year and we have Rodriguez and Walker starting over him? Why? Is he banged up again?

The whole problem is that Gagne-Marcoux is injured, and Dyakowski hasn't been good enough to do the job as a Canadian backup. This forces them to use Cavka in Gagne-Marcoux's spot, which bones the ratio.

Speaking of bones, didn't Cedric break a bone in his shoulder? What makes anyone think he'll be back anytime soon, playing one of the most physically punishing positions in football?

If management had a crystal ball, we could have drafted one of the two guards that Calgary took in the first round, but instead we have to rely on the Canadian depth we were alleged to have on the O-line.

Yes gone for the year ..
They had to Reset a Crush Arm Socket.
He Damaged the ball in Socket of the arm
and Muscle

IMO Bauman has earned the right to start. Two games no dropped passes.(I believe) Bauman and Mitchell will be our go to guys tonight on second and long.

Chris Bauman will be out there
often in five receiver sets.

Clinton Wayne is starting on the D-line.

He as good or better than the
import DTs we have been using.

Agreed. I like this move. I like CW as the starting DT and the fact that he's Canadian is a bonus.

I'm interested to see Dickerson and Anthony on the end. I'll be watching for these two versatile players dropping back into coverage.

I like our line up for tonight.