Not going to make playoffs

Well its halfway through the CFL season and we know by now that Cats are not going to make the playoffs.Way to many problems from coaching to players.O-line is not very good ,cant protect the QB,S and Evans says he keeps screwing up.Cats offence cant seem to score manys td,s.And defence is not very good either.Only thing that Cats have going for them is Seth Small,,he,s very good.They should have kept Masoli and dumped Evans.

Chin up Sledge , we win Monday ,twice with Red Blacks & one more win over the Riders = seven wins and we possibly squeak into the playoffs for one game, we’ll see if our QB’s survive the Rider game ……which will be like a playoff game for us if we winLabour Day or even knock the Bombers off here at home ,
Go to the games cheer for our team , glass half full ,Tigers Eat ‘‘em Raw, crept the Riders boil ‘em….


Gophers taste better pan fried in butter and sage

If Evans plays on Labour Day,,,Cats will lose,,if Shiltz plays Cats will win,,Evans says he keeps screwing up,,,maybe Cats should bench him and go with Shiltiz & Newman for the rest of the season, gives us a chance to see what they can do.

No way Cats are going to make the playoffs this year,,this team needs a complete over haul from,, top to bottom,,just my opinion,,dont get all over me ,,does anyone remember Cats team years ago that went 1-17,,this team is playing like that team.

I admire the TiCats' staff pushing, in a prepared tweet this week, the reality of the team needing a 25-pt. victory on Monday to get the Ballard Trophy back from Toronto.
If it happened, it would be, for a different generation, a TiCat comeback never to be forgotten .... a memory like some of us black and gold oldsters still have of the 1961 Eastern Final. It was a 2-game total-point event and the first-place Cats lost the opening game of the final, in Toronto, by 18 pts. The following weekend, at Civic Stadium, the tables were turned in a 20-2 Hamilton victory. But that was in regulation time. So the series was tied calling, back then, for two 10 min. halves of play to break the tie and send the winner off to the Grey Cup. In overtime, our boys scored 4 unanswered converted TDs to win the series 55-27.
Boy, old memories sure are better than recent ones!


It happened more recently in 1986 too.


Stamps fan here but i have always had a soft spot for the cats. My uncle told me when i was a little boy (8) that i could be the ring bearer at his wedding if i became a cats fan. lol, i am turning 50 this year. Said Uncle is now all edmonton and his cousin played for the stamps. lol, i remember the (think it was 86) grey cup where they won. Grover Covington. big #77. and the quarterback who threw 5 td's in one game, which at that time was unheard of. the 89 game was good too. Champion catch in the endzone. nice one. keep yer head up Hamilton, cant be as bad as the Printers era. Still have a good team. maybe coaching has elapsed as they should have won those two games against elks and stamps. big lead at half with one quarter to go with the wind. gotta make hay, still time.


Hey GetReal, thanks for the encouragement.
Speaking of hay, I thought your team's unveiling of their latest special black uniforms was well done.

But, also enjoyed somebody, probably in Edmonton, calling them the" BlackReds." :smile:

That great comeback is probably a more appropriate one to bring up this week, because the TiCats, having lost the first game by 14, fell behind by as much as 26 pts. in the 2-game total score, fairly early in the second game, and yet they ended up winning the series by 3 pts. Our '22 Cats just need a 25 pt. comeback, from where they stand now, on Monday.

Remember back in '86 when the Cats were having the same results and Harold Ballard called them a bunch of bums and after that they went off to win the cup. They are not playing with any confidence or edge. We've always known for our firrce defense but seems like it's a combination of play calling and injuries. We got the talent no doubt but seems like they just play with edge. I certainly hope we play Schiltz going forward as he seems to be improving with each game and doesn't panic. Not sure what happened with Dane and think the loss of Masoli had an effect or he just puts too much focus on what happened. Take care everyone

The problem is that this team's typical modus operandi the last season and a half will have them being up by that 25 pt margin only to totally barf it up in the 4th quarter as usual . :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

In reality though can anybody honestly see this current sad sack edition of this team having the capability to actually be up by a margin as large as 25 pts on anybody this season ? Hands up all those that think it's possible...and counting hands I see not to many raised.

These are great if you're also a Patriots fan

Best thing, to me, about the Stamps new 3rd uni is the shiny silver barbed wire helmet stripe, which ties in with the shiny silver horse helmet logo. I think they both, have been used before. However, the "CGY"s, on the sleeves, are something new and make the jersey a little less "Patriot"-ic.

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Lol....this team can't even score 25 points. Never mind having to win by 25 points.

This team could be up 25-0 at the half only to lose 26-25 at the end of the game on Labour Day .

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I agree. I love the barb wire

Well as to the discussion of not making the play-offs , it looks like we just got another nail in the coffin as seen in the article below...

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