**Not getting enough CFL??? Move to Saskatchewan!!!!!!!**

I keep hearing complaints about how the media covers the CFL. While I understand that problem having lived in and travelled to almost all CFL markets, there are NO problems here.

If you are from somewhere that lacks CFL related excitement and long for a place where it matters more than most things in life....SIMPLY MOVE TO SASKATCHEWAN. It doesn't matter which team you support. We want you. Thats right...check the job websites and papers, query the wife/hubby/kids, and look at the economy and housing market. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There are about 40 articles pertaining to the Riders, during the season, each week in our papers. There are about 10 articles on the league, in general, per week in our papers. In the off-season, the papers slow down a bit but not as much as other markets. On Saturday or Monday, after a game, on the newscasts the CFL/Riders are always the top story. We have radio shows that deal with the CFL along with national, provincial, and local sports. Access7 in S. Sask has a 1 hour show everyweek on TV dedicated to the Riders. In addition there is web radio, the Alliance(a ppv forum hosted by and for the Riders), this website, and countless others available on our 4 main ISP's.

Folks, the spirit of the CFL makes Saskatchewan its 'centre of the universe'. RIDER PRIDE is truly national so no matter where you live now, you can see a bit of what I am talking about. MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE. I am soooo not kidding here. Get on board of this, truly unique Province and enjoy the game you love from the comforts of the CFL's living room...SASKATCHEWAN.


Wow Saskatchewan will use every ploy in the book to try to sucker people into moving there. Underlying theme: There is nothing else in Saskatchewan but a CFL team. People don't base major life decisions (moving to another province) on the amount of attention payed to a GAME. Kudos to Saskatchewan on their passion for the Riders; they still suck in everything else.

Still bitter.

Thats why RIDER fans are the best!!!!
We LOVE our team!!!!

this is me jealous.

I wasn't addressing people who live in, the curling hub, S. Manitoba. I think the media does a great job in and around Winnipeg keeping CFL starved fans happy. The produce suppliers on the other hand have had trouble purchasing sweet grapes for those same people.


Thanks for pointing that out. It wasn't obvious.

Yeah, about that....ummm....no thanks, ill pass

yeah I could sell my condo and buy a house with property in Saskatchewan, but then wait a minute......I'd be living in Saskatchewan! No NHL hockey, no ocean, no mountains, no mild winters, no THANKS!!!

Your choice. We like where we are... Just as you like where you are.

Yes the Winnipeg Free Press, although quite a trashy newspaper, does have great CFL coverage. That said, even minimal coverage would be enough to keep me from being swallowed into that massive gap in the middle of our country they call Saskatchewan.

Grey cup was back page news (buried in sports page, with little more than a couple of unintersting articales this morning)in all the Toronto papers.

To hell with Toronto media.

I've only been through Regina a couple of times and have never spent much time there. I will say that I have NEVER heard a bad word about Saskatchewan other than how flat it is.

I have had several friends from there over the years. My ex g/f lives in Saskatoon. Some only half-jokingly suggest that Saskatchewan is the cultural engine of Canada.

I don't know about that but I'm pretty sure I could live there some day when I retire.

Hey suit yourself man.


Ive been to the Peg (5 times) so don't get your I Believe in Blue chest all thumpy about Winnipeg its no better or worse than our Major centers...and besides other than the Maritimes our 2 great provinces share a lot of cultural similarities as well as the Best Fishing lakes in North America.
Northern Sask is Beautiful... trees,lakes,falls, that actually takes up more than half the entire province

WHL galore, clean lakes galore, close to everywhere and anywhere(have bank will travel), and global warming(If you were TRULY concerned wouldnt you be down south?).

Trust me...carving out a nice little life isn't hard in S. Sask. if you have half an imagination and the travel bug, Regina is a great place. 'Toon'town(more adjacent to northern lakes region) may be even better. Moose Jaw, Swift Current, and Yorkton despite their name/rep. are also truly great little cities. If you don't believe me, I guess IM pickled because God knows you'll be flying over it. But then again, I do believe I was asking for people who would suit it to come. Lucky us maybe?


After seeing all the fans in Toronto this weekend and meeting some at the festivities, I'm thinking of retiring in Saskatchewan, you guys are the best!

Of course I still want my TiCats to beat your butt every time we play you.

I've been to Saskatchewan travelling. I love the landscape and big sky. I remember a cop let me off on a speeding ticket with just a warning, as a kind of welcome to Saskatchewan when he saw I was from Ontario. Nice
The fact that the team generates so much positive publicity is part of the reason why there so popular in the province. I wish Toronto's media would grasp that. Anyway congratulations to Saskatchewan on a great victory. Can't wait for next season.

Toronto is jealous. But the spirit of the fans from Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg also, will leave a lasting echo in the Rogers Centre for a very long time. A Canadian echo that is not the result of some big American teams in there but rather a truly Canadian tradition and experience that goes nationwide.

I said "mild winters" not blistering hot southern US winters. I just like the fact that on many a winter day I can walk outside in a light jacket (sometimes even a t-shirt) and I don't have to worry about plugging my car in every night. Besides the Vancouver Sun and Province have pretty good Lions/CFL coverage and even if they didn't you can find an endless supply of coverage on the Internet.