not for seaosn ticket holders of the gades.

i am not bashing any fan that goes to the rens games because i knwo from exspirience it is exspencive for season tickets, but this is for the fans that dont go tot the games, tht dont go for a one nighter game, and instead get pissed or sometin your team is very good( not as good as the esks) but good so you should start supporting a bit more , THE FANS THAT GO TO THE GAME USPPORT THEM VERY WELLLL!!!

I'd like to tell you why they're averaging only 17,000 per game..... It's simple Tom Wright, the commisioner. When the Ownership situation was in turmoil and other teams were already marketing for the upcoming season, the Ottawa Renegades were in an ownership mess. A mess that Wright did nothing about. This is why we are averaging 17,000 per game, because Wright took a vacation when the Renegades needed him most. The Renegades didn't start their marketing for season tickets until the beginning of June. That's just 3 weeks before the season started. So I think that they're doing quite well due to Wright's incompetence

I dont think the gades low attendance has anything to do with Tom Wright, This isnt the first year the gades have been back, ottawa was well aware there would be football this year. 3 weeks before the season or not it doesnt have to be all season ticket holders to fill the stands! It's a shame that there is such a good product on the field getting little attention.

Hey once again, you’re talking about something you have absolutely no knowledge about...

As a season ticket holder, I received my renew package just after the holidays. I guess it took some time after the GC to get the office in shape to send out the renewals… I am proud to say that it took me 2 days to get it back to them with my cheque.

The office was in a shambles… I know 6 other ticket holders that didn’t know what was going to happen, after all, we just completed our 3rd year, some thought we would still be on probation and the team would again fold… No updates from the organization or the league… so most got cold feet.

smyth_cam is absolutely right… leadership from the league would have helped.

When Bernie and Lonnie were in town before the GC, interested in getting involved with the team… I laughed cause at this time… I didn’t now that Brad Watters was leaving and the ownership group’s intention to split.

Lonnie has to promote to get the true fan back… not the ones coming for a cold beer and a string of beads to toss at a bare chested chick… Lonnie can do me a favor and put a monitor at my seat and a camera up above because we don’t get to see what is going on in the upper deck from the lower Southside.

I won't even count this season as being run by the Gliebermans because they took over a few weeks before the start of the season, but next season should be a lot better.

Brad Watters is an idiot who i believe tried to screw over the Gades by waiting until the last possible moment to make the sale.

You know... this is an interesting statement...

Its like he didn't say a word last season of his intentions... waiting for Ottawa to get paid for hosting the GreyCup (rumore about 1.5 millon went to the hosting team), ensured there was cash in the drawer, grabbed what what his and split.

I never liked that guy... I had a chance to have a few beers with him in Montreal during a Rivalry-Train game to Montreal.

I had some good suggestions about promotions and such… he just shrugged them off like a true Torontonian…

Please don’t get me wrong… I’m glad Bernie and Lonnie are here… I’ve started seeing the commercials on tv… and the buzz on the radio on non sport channels (CHEZ).

I guess I’d like all non-Gades fans to understand that there is passion for football in the nation’s capital… It’s going to take time getting their asses back in the seats. I know I’ve met some first timers at the games so Lonnie and the team are reaching some new blood.

I guess I’d like all non-Gades fans to understand that there is passion for football in the nation’s capital… It’s going to take time getting their asses back in the seats. I know I’ve met some first timers at the games so Lonnie and the team are reaching some new blood.
True! Just look at the number of posts in the Ottawa section of this fourm!

The gades got 1.5 mill for hosting the grey cup game... you have to be kidding me. In 1991 the bombers paid $3 million for the right ot host the game. Any profit going to the team. I believe we made one mill that game. Most teams that host the game now, pay for it up front with a garanteed amount. Both Edmonton and SAsk have used this model and have been very successful with it. I believe the ESks made close to 2 million on there last grey cup game.
So to hear that the gades were paid $1.5 to host the game just blows my mind.

Hi, I didn’t get this from a reliable source from the organization. I heard that after all the bills were paid, thats what they net’ed. It could be BS.

I think the comment of 1.5 is the profit and not the payment.

The comment regarding Tom Wright are bang on. His lack of leadership really put the forward motions of the potential sale of the Gades back in Nov. in total pause mode.

The Brad Waters ownership group also skrewed up the situation but I think that the league is mostly to blame for not providing adequate info to the Gades when starting up the team. It's been very much documented that the start up fee was too high (btw - the funds of the start up fee went to the excisting teams) and the costs and operation fees of the team suggested by the league were vastly below then the actual cost of operating a team today.

Another thing that the league messed up was that they withheld the annual losses the Gades could expect in the 1st couple of season....

Throw in the fact that the Gades were the only team llast year to follow the rules of the CFL salary cap (huge farce) and this is why the Gades struggled so much... last year.

You can bet that any new team in the future will not go through the growing pains that the Gades went through.

Tom Wright and the CFL pretty much stunted the Gades growth for an automatic 3 years. And although the Brad Waters group were total idiots, they should have been told and prepared by the league and they were not.

I'm still pissed about the draft back in 02. It was a joke.

The league pretty much wanted to keep strong teams strong and make the new Kids on the block pay for the stabilization of team like the Argos and Ticats... Cause we all know that this was really the mandate of Tom Wright.

idiot! I hope you had a good vacation!!!

So does the entire organization shut down in the midst of a sale? Where were all the marketing guys over the winter? Doesn't sound to me like they were doing their job ...

But I'm really glad to hear that there is a lot of interest in football out there. How's the local media coverage?

the Talk radio station is all over the team - having players and coaches on almost every day.
The Sun paper has almost daily stories and extensive coverage before and after a game.
The sponsor of the team, the Citizen, has really dissappointing amount of coverage in my opinion. The usually have 1-2 stories before a game, then afterward 1 small story to wrap up the game story, usually leaving out major events of what happened during the game. Outside of that coverage is light. With hockey coming, expect what they do already to drop off…

I gotta ask!!!!!
Whats it to ya??????

This is an excellent thread... anyone who enjoys the Gades and game but are not showing up, inspired by this conversation to come to the next home game?

I've got a fiend in the office... I'm going to tip her off to log on and start getting informed. Perhaps its in her interest professionaly to get involved and get some advancement in the organization.

Cause if this was me... I'd sure be using this info as it could substantiate my next raise.

I assume your friend is in the gades org. Other than that, unless a lot of her connections like guys in tight pants, not sure about the whole carreer advancement. I guess info is what you make of it...