Not even mad anymore

As I've had some time to mull over the disgusting display last night, there are certain realities that are obvious.

  1. We have one of the best owners in professional sports

  2. The business side (i.e marketing, customer service, etc.) is very good.

  3. The football operations have to be completely dismantled.

This has to start from the general manager on down. Again he may have been a good business manager but we need new Football people.

There are no coaches I would keep right now, no football management and maybe 15 players.

I love this team, this city.

I will support them this year and forever. You won't hear "change this or I won't renew my tickets" because I know senior management (Bob, Chris, etc) hate not to succeed as much as I do.

Start it over!!!!

Like posted in another Thread…
It’s not Ron Kats Fault
He did hire Our Former head Coach or his Staff

The Players have Given up on this Coaching Staff You can see it …

You have to Believe in the system your Playing in…we don’t

The Axe need Fall a Few more Times
Crack The Whip…

Maybe the NFL Cuts will Help…

Craig Smith and Mike McCarthy… everyone else in charge of running the football team needs to go.

I'm still fuming. I'm furious at the lack of effort by the whole team last night . What can I do to calm down? I feel like putting my fist through a wall :twisted: Help me!!!!!

Don't want to start another thread - this is as good as any thread to post this ...


Last night was sooooooooooo bad ... I have decided to spend a few more dollar$ and try my luck at the Rogers Centre.

I figure, the only way it could get worse than last eve is if the ROOF CAVES IN ... here is hoping for an open dome !


We'll welcome you down the road, Meanstreak. If you come to the Tailgate party at York and Bremner Rd. you'll see you're not the only Ticat fan taking in the weekend 'double-header'! Tigger, Cossack and Borehamgirl and many others will all be there at the tailgate and the game cheering on the Lions!

We're probably starting our third string QB, but even so, I think you'll be treated to a great CFL football game so you can get your 'fix'!