Not even an offer

They didn't even make him an offer, Nice one OB .
I suppose that when Edmonton comes here they'll probably booo Lumsden. How could he sign when there was nothing on the table .

8) There is a lot of double talk and deception going on by both parties here !!!
   Read the whole article again.

  It is very obvious that Obie did not really want Jesse here, and in reality, Jesse did not want to play for the TiCats anymore  !!!

  Jesse claims that he has no hard feelings for the TiCat organization, which I don't believe at all !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  The TiCats and Jesse parted ways on not the best of terms by a longshot  !!!

He had a lucarative offer last season that he turned down.

Obie couldn't afford to wait and risk losing a starting RB. He had to act, and so he signed Keith.

It appears it backfired on Jesse. Too bad for everyone really, but the Ti-Cats just may have come out ahead on this one due to Obie's prudence and diligence.

I wish Jesse had styaed but I have to admit that this may be better for the team.

I think you are right Tipper. I don't think the Ti-Cats really wanted Jesse, but they wanted to make it look like they did because their fan base loved him so much. Strange relationship between Obie and Jesse to say the least. Whether or not Jesse wanted to be in Hamilton is up for debate. Some would say that if he wanted to be in Hamilton he would have signed mid-season when the big bucks were on the table, others would say he was sticking to his guns about not being a distraction mid-season. Personally I think a mid-season re-signing by Lumsden would have been a great morale boost for the locker room, and not a distraction, but if he thought otherwise and was sticking to his principles, you can't fault him for that.

In the end he's an Eskimo and only time will tell who has won and who has lost.

Ya know...either way, it's not inconceivable that he'd come back here anyway. Players shuffle around this league like crazy -- it's not as if after a few years (provided he's not injured, or in the NFL) the Cats could be in a position to lure him back.

It seems to me like both parties are trying to show that there haven't been any bridges burned. In an 8-9 team league, you need as many people on your side as possible.

Jesse didn't return a message left for him (over a one and a half hour time period), because he was negotiating with other teams in the league???

First of all, I am pretty sure Jesse doesn't do the "negotiating".

I think Carl Lindros wanted his son to play for the Eskies and that I'm afraid is the bottom line.

How much of a distraction could it have been? It sounds like Jesse was able to make up his mind in a matter of hours when he had the offer from Edmonton. So are we to believe he did not have a few hours to spare during the entire season last year? Something tells me that if he really wanted to stay here, he would have found the time to get the deal done. Especially since it seems to have been a far better offer than he ended up signing yesterday.

OBie did make him an offer: $150K/a for 3 years. Jesse turned it down.

Yesterday Jesse signed a $75K/a for 1 year. Do the math then think before you post.

Exactly right, Ockham and CaptainKirk.

JL turned down Obie’s generous offer and it backfired on him to the tune of $75K a year. You pays yermoney and you takes yer choice.

I don’t care about him any more. I’m rooting for Kenton Keith to have another 2,000 yard season, and Terry Caulley and Tre Smith to make waves too. I think our running game is going to be awesome this season, and can’t wait for it to start.

And he owns a house here.

Which means he now has to rent one out there...costing him more money. His rent out there will be more than he takes in here for renting it out to his TiCat "buddies".

If this was was bad business by Jesse and Carl.

I would have loved to have Jesse in Black and Gold forever. However, everything I am reading and everything I have heard leads me to believe that Jesse decided last year not to return. Good luck to him and I will ride him as bad as I ride all the other visting players.

He's young and it's not always about money. I would imagine his role with the team and how they communicate with him about this role and how they would handle injuries etc. have a lot to do with it ie. maybe the Eskies have said to him they are willing for him to sit out the first 6 or so games to really get the shoulder up to snuff, this type of thing, no pressure with the shoulder and healing.

jesse will be here sat aug 8. or will he? this is game 6. can he stay healthy?

From the Lefko article (

By the way, the Argos apparently offered Lumsden more money, but I’m told he felt he had a better chance of winning in Edmonton because the coaching staff has CFL experience.
This is consistent with my assumption, which is that Jesse is tired of losing. Of all the teams that were interested, he went with the one that has the best prospects of winning immediately. In other words, winning is more important than loyalty, or even money.

I'm not really in a position to judge whether this is right or wrong, having never played a sport for a living. But I think a lot of people would have strong negative opinions if they looked at it in this light. By way of historical context, this is no different than what Mike O'Shea did in 2006. He wanted to win, and win now - so he signed with the Doug Flutie-led Argos rather than the team that gave him his start. And we all know how beloved O'Shea has been in these parts ever since. Most of us didn't even like him when he played for us again that one season.

So, go for it boys. Everyone jump ship from losing teams and run to the winners. But you may find out that it is damaging to your livelihood, since fans of those losing teams have a finite tolerance for pain themselves, and the CFL cannot afford to lose any more teams.

Hehe Carl Lindros. That's funny.

There are reports that we did try to make him an offer and even if we didn't, who really gives a flying fig? I can't care about this stuff anymore. When a player takes HALF of what he was offered to play somewhere else, you can't do anything about that. We should have traded him, but that didn't happen.

How can "negotiating" a contract be a distraction mid-season when YOU'RE NOT EVEN PLAYING due to injury?? What was he going to be distracted from?? Promotional videos?? I shudder at the thought. :roll:

That distraction excuse is a crock. The bottom line is he didn't want to be here so good riddance.

I feel that the Cats have done everything in their power to keep Jesse.

It has been reported that Obie made the offer at least 3 times during the season and the Lindros' I mean Lumsdens said no, no and no, we'll wait for the offseason.

If Lumsden played a full season, he would have gotten more than 150k per year. I think that the deal he signed shows that teams didn't think much of him and his injuries.

I'll predict this, Jesse will come back in a few years and finish his career off with the Cats.

Sorry people ,jesse is not tough enough to be a ticat. I will say he is lucky to get 10 games in this year.

I get the sense the Cats wanted Lumsden, offered him a great deal last year, Jesse decided he would test the market, the cats went out to get a replacement just in case - still wanted Lumsden (which is why they didn't trade him last year). For some reason, wanting to be in Edmonton...whatever, he didn't want to be here. The cats tried to change his mind - didn't work and away he goes. I suspect if at any point in time Jesse would have gone to the Cats and said...I want to stay, we would have offered him a contract and one he would have been happy with.

To say the cats didn't try to keep him is ludicrous. To also say Jesse left because the cats didn't even make him an offer is also ludicrous.

To say Jesse had made up his mind a long time ago he wanted to leave is probably the real reason he is gone. I don't think the cats are to blame, other than not being able to provide an enviornment that makes the CFL elite want to come to/stay in Hamilton.

He's gone and now an Eskie problem. Bye Bye

A “franchise player” who is always in sick bay is a distraction and a disruption to the team no matter how you cut it. It’s a negative cloud which hangs over the player and takes media attention away from the positives that the other guys are doing on a week to week basis.

He was given more than a fair shake in Hamilton and I don’t think sticking his nose in the air when earlier offered $150k helped him very much. He looked snobby. Where he got this attitude that he won’t discuss business while playing (which was rare) is a mystery. Earth to Lumsden! The Ticats are running a business 24/7 and can’t go on hiatus just because you say so. They need to plan ahead as most viable businesses do and if you don’t want to be part of the discussion, then you will find yourself on the outside looking in.

I suggest the Hamilton media say farewell to him now and focus on the progress the actual Hamilton Tiger-Cats are making going forward.

Jesse Lumsden is not a Hamilton Tiger-Cat now and, as far as I’m concerned, he just got transfered into the “who cares” column. (Jesse who?)