Not Enough Corey Holmes

I don't believe the cat's are utilizing their best offensive weapon, Corey Holmes. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for what Jesse Lumsden did last night, but that 66 yard run is one Corey Holmes would have broke for a touch down. I'm not saying bench Lumsden, i'm just saying use Holmes more!

Lumsden was awesome. I couldn’t see giving Holmes any more touches. Would it have made a difference last night? I suppose we could debate that all season!

i agree, use him as slotback or something :cowboy:

Yeah you gotta use Holmes.
The thing about him in Sask was the all purpose yards stats.
He can do a barrage of stuff.
Utilize him.

Yes we all know Corey is a great player and needs way more touches, but having said that is it only me but does he look slow.
For the few times (under)utilized he did not have that famous explosive nature of his.

A few more ouches might put him on the sideline...LOL. I think its a confidence thing myself, he get used so little.

They should trade back to Saskatchewan!

...yes ...yes more Holmes.....forget about Lumsden....specially in the Cats next two games..... :lol: :lol: