Not enough Corey Holmes

I don't believe the cat's are utilizing their best offensive weapon, Corey Holmes. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for what Jesse Lumsden did last night, but that 66 yard run is one Corey Holmes would have broke for a touch down. I'm not saying bench Lumsden, i'm just saying use Holmes more!

Cheers, Chris Stewart

I like Corey Holmes but he is definately NOT our best offensive weapon Jesse Lumsden is our work horse. Corey Holmes couldn't have broke that 66 yarder because he wouldn't have had the power to get through the front 4 and correct me if I'm wrong Jesse runs the 40 in 4.3 or 4.4 so if you are hinting Corey has more speed think again.

What we need to do is someone on the coaching staff needs to find the tapes of Saskatchewan the year Holmes was the Western nominee for MOP and see how they used him. We definitely need to use him more. Also, why do we only have him returning kickoffs if he's not being used in the offence that much? Let him return punts too. JoJo Walker hasn't been overly great back there.

jesse lumsden cracks thu 3 or 4 hits before being taken down....hes RARELY taken down by 1 tackler.

holmes should be returning kicks, IMO, aswell as a regular slotback.

what he said.

holmes is a completely different type of runner than lumsden. they should be used to complement each other. remember holmes when he was in sask, he was used as a wr, sb, rb, punt returner, kick off returner. definitely needs more work every game. way under utilized.