Not Done Yet: Ricky Collins Jr. back for more

In the end, Ricky Collins Jr. just wasn’t really done playing football, even though he’d insisted he was, when he announced his retirement last February.

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At 29 he could still have a couple of good years left in him. Hope so for his sake, it would look silly if his 'comeback' fizzled. Good luck, Ricky.

I don't think Collins has to worry too much about being out of work. Apparently Ottawa & Calgary both wanted him before he went to Toronto. Both those teams could use a good receiver like Collins.

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This really is starting to get irritating how the Argos continue to add big name talent with ZERO respect to the salary cap ,while the CFL turns a blind eye and allows the Argos go as much over the cap as they wish,this is actually becoming a joke already .Come on CFL open your eyes already ,the league is supposed to be on a level playing field not anything to get the Argos relevant again

What a joke

Salary Cap is irrelevant at this point. Argos have 105 players on their roster currently. That's less than Als, 113, SK & Ott, 112, Wpg....When they cut down to their final roster, no doubt some of these high profile signings may be released. At this point, sign away. Once camps hit & we get closer to August 5, we'll see how this all shakes out with the Argos, but also all the other teams. I think only BC is under 100 roster players right now.


That's what happens when the same company "gang" finances the two biggest money losers in the league. Everybody else shuts up. My opinion, it is about time that individual owners spend what they think they need to spend at least for limited time to fill their stadiums. If MLSE wants to invest (lose) a couple million bucks for a few seasons to rebuild their organization and football office, more power to them.

While Community owned teams have lined their coffers with gold for the last decade while breaking the very rules they wanted impose "for fairness". They have brought zero solutions to the party.

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You have it all backwards it’s the privately owned teams especially the Argos who continually break the rules as in salary cap , but the CFL says it’s ok if the Argos go over the cap because we need them in the league even though they have maybe 5000 diehard fans but the rest of Toronto just doesn’t care about the CFL because the are not a major league such as NFL , MLB or NHL .it’s the community owned teams who follow the rules and operate their franchise properly with marketing and ticket sales and this is why they can make money the real way , there is supposed to be a limit on roster size coming into camp , three of the teams your referring to with over the limit rosters are privately owned teams Argos , MTL and Hamilton

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MLSE has only owned the Argos for a few years and one of those years the season was completely cancelled. It's not like the current situation with the fan base is part of some decades long financial plan of purposely neglecting the Argos.

the roster limit for camp is 100 but looks like multiple teams had players not show up so players were put on suspended list , pretty sure Ticats aren't over at the moment but that is due to retirements