Not Crapigna's fault!

Everybody's crapping on Crapigna, and granted, it's not good that he's missed potential game winning field goals two games in a row. However, I think the major turning point of the game was the 2 td's the Bombers scored to be up by 14. Both were bombs to the same area of the defensive backfield. To me, that says either the defensive scheme needs to be re-drawn, or that's where the personnel change needs to happen, one of our DB's, not the kicker.

Wasn't jones always a defensive coach on all the teams he was with ? So, why would Reynolds think that he could handle all the hats he's been given by the riders org ?

Personally I have always said I thought Jones was not a great game time HC. I think he is a top end coaching and prep coach...but in the game itself he seems to get tunnel vision a lot. GM wise and player recruitment he also seems to do well. This game he called fairly well as a DC even...take away 20 minutes of just plain brutal strategy. This loss falls squarely on Jones. Hell...even Macadoo did well...he tried his best to keep the running game going but it was a no dice.

One thing I agree with is, our running game sucks, we need better plays or better running backs. Yes this game is on Jones and the D... not the kicker, true it was a kick he should of made... but if the D did not break down in the 3rd, he never would have had to make that kick!! I was there!!

Should have he made the kick...sure. Should have the Riders let 24 points in in a row or whatever to ever let them back in The O figured out the D. It was pretty clear. The D was owned in a huge way for a period. It was far from the only issue (2 really bad picks and a fumble inside the 10 were really the story of the game)...but it was a glaring one. coughing the ball up on the 9 was a killer as well. It is the are going to get burned....but being beat that consistently in a cover 9 is alarming....and you don't remove the strength of your D (DL) to compensate for the weakness (secondary) on a consistent basis...mixing it up is make it so he doesn't have time to throw that long ball.....and if you are not going to have pressure then 3 men deep is never going to work in will snuff most out underneath and kill the run, but you will get torched on deep stuff....any QB is going to do that to you if you don't get pressure on him and you are doing a press zone. The secondary needs time to get in sync...I get that...but they were chewed up for 10 minutes by what I do not see as a top end O and IMO a lot of that was on scheme (as well as some misplaying their zones)...but this D will move to more man.

Read the article about Crapigna receiving huge amount of support and rightly so. I feel ashamed of myself now for how I reacted/with words on here when the ball hit the upright. Cheers to Tyler Crapigna.

Nice own. :thup: :thup: :thup:

hey...he should not go without some level of criticism...and you can bet he knows that...hopefully it is not he his own head now, because he is a respectable kicker who has made some clutch kicks including a few walk offs, one from 53 last season...this season he is 7 for 9...respectable but down....just really unfortunate on the 2 he missed because at least one was points in the standings.

Also...not everyone has been supportive unfortunately.