Not Cool Rod Black

ESPN2 focussed on the person singing O Canada

For what it's worth from where I was sitting in section 112 the anthem sounded LOUD and PROUD and I agree with the Caretaker, I thought it was very enthusiastically received and literally everybody in our section was belting it out with a lot of pride. :thup: As for the Rod Black thing,I listened to the clip and although personally I know that we all have a lot of fun at Blacks expense on a regular basis,I thought his call on the play was fine and more enthusiastic than anything else. I didn't see anything negative about it at all.

Didn’t see their broadcast, so I can’t comment on how it showed.

But as an attendee and as a Canadian, I thought it was great!!!

I didn't hear it as I wasn't in front of the TV in time but anytime Canadians sing our national anthem I would say that's a great thing as I like to see Canadians showing pride in their country any way possible and singing the anthem is an excellent way to do so.

Well Teddy, maybe you should do a little research re. TiCat history and Mr. Viola's contributions to our national anthem. The man has a whole lot more class than you, pal! :x

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Two things:

  1. Stop worrying about what the mighty Americans think of us
  2. No Americans watch the CFL on a Sunday afternoon during the NFL season, unless they have family members playing

I thought it was great the way the anthem singer let the crowd takeover! With apologies for my terrible singing voice - here is what it looked and sounded like for those who may have missed it.

And all of us Canadians who are down here in Florida who watched the game on ESPN.

I also did not here any disrespect in Rod's commentary on Speedy-B'S return. It did sound like disbelief.

However... I am disgusted by the complete bias to the Al's that went on and on during the game. Even when we had the ball on offense Rod (and Dwayne to a lesser extent) still droned on about the mighty Al's offense and the wonderful Jonathan Crompton.

Seriously, they must have yakked on about Montreal for at least 70% of the game. No credit to Zack or the team in general.

On Montreal's first TD drive the comment Rod made was "like a knife through warm butter" but when our D stepped it up - nothing.

Rod should regrow his '70's stash and go back to what he does best - figure skating analysis. I can't stand the lack of balanced coverage with this dufus.

Bring on Chris Cuthbert!

The OP is way off base with this.
Black was NOT being critical or expressing unhappiness with Banks second TD. To me, he was as surprised as the rest of us....and that is the way it came out! I jumped out of my chair and yelled "he did it again!!!! Same thing.
I think overall, Rod Black called a pretty good game with the exception of the "Luke Tasker son of" etc. which he did twice in less than 5 minutes. Also with Carter.I thought some of his other analogies were good too, including comments about Montreal continuing it's former success with Calvillo and now Crompton. "From AC to JC" was the way he put it. Nor do I think he is anti-Tiger-Cats in any way.If he was I would be howling loudly about it.'s not just Black who can be a bit repetitive. Duane Forde has a habit of saying "he certainly is" every time he comments on something Black brings up something about a player. Other than that, Forde adds good analysis to the broadcast.
I guess I/we may as well criticize the cheerleaders or water boy. None of this really matter one whit. It's the game that counts!

He is enthusiastic I will admit and I like that. He covers a variety of sports and does an admirable job. How much of a real football fan he is, I have no idea. Not your prototypical football announcer but that's ok.

Why would any self respecting Canadian worry what the Americans think?? Have we suddenly become Torontonians???

Sorry Bob, the singer was Hamilton's (and the world's) one-and-only Fern Viola singing the National Anthem.

Perhaps the "Oh no, not again" comment was in reference to Black's voice cracking and rising two octaves like a 12 year old boy.

Seriously, I thought he was just amazed that Banks had done it again. Too bad the first of his three TD returns was called back.

I think Rod Black called a good game, certainly exciting and I watched the game replay on TSN and thought he called an exciting game.

I think the line Oh No not again, was just that, that it's unbelieveable the talent that Brandon Banks has? I mean the guy has already been voted by fans in the CFL as the fastest, most explosive player but for two returns in a playoff game for a TD, actually three, one called back that's just amazing and it is.

I heard fans say who is Chris Williams? I guy like Speedy Brandon Banks can make you forget awfully quickly that we have had some explosive returners on this team in Banks, Williams, Thigpen and so on.

Lets Eat The Stamps Raw in Vancouver!!!

Two things:

  1. Rod Black's comment regarding Brandon Banks' run back for a touchdown was pure excitement and nothing more.
    There was no underlying meaning to it in my interpretation.

  2. The National Anthem was sung by Fern Viola who is now well into his 80s. Sure, voice wise, he has seen better days,
    but I still admire him for his effort whenever he is called upon.

What a great, satisfying game!!!

was walking down Melrose when the anthem finished up. I knew the fans came to the stadium ready to get loud. we could hear you guys from Gage Street.

The game was on ESPN though, not ESPN2.