Not Cool Rod Black

Seriously, I hope TSN gives Rod Black a talking to after this comment. They probably won't, being the Toronto Sports Network, but at 8:30 of the link bellow, he screams "not again!" In regards to Banks getting a 2nd return. Seriously...I get that everyone likes to dump on Hamilton, but that was not cool Rod Black.

I don’t necessarily hear this an anything other than an expression of incredulity.

I hear it as he's panicked because it's pretty much a play that is going to seal the game, and his true opinion of the Ti-Cats is coming out.

I think you're way off base. The way he is saying it, you could have just said something like unbelievable in its place.

I am not a fan of Rodney, but I don't think this particular comment is worth jumping on him for. Now, I haven't re watched the game, I'm sure there are 10 other things you could bring up.

I see nothing wrong with it. Rod was clearly excited - and said 'not again' more out of amazement as opposed to that he did not want to see it happen again.

IMO It was a great exciting call as I mentioned in the Banks thread. And actually his call of the first Banks touchdown Rod goes off the charts in excitement for the last ten to fifteen yards of that score. Check that enthusiastic call here.

I agree, you could have, you could have said any number of things besides "Look out! Not Again!"

Make no mistake, I don't want Black's head for this comment alone (we've all have had our issues with Rod Black). I just think that TSN should mention it to him, that maybe that comment comes across as playing favorites. I for one didn't appreciated it, but I guess I'm alone on that front. Ah well.

I'm afraid that i also agree that it said from excited disbelief as opposed to chagrin. He was genuinely excited by an exciting play.

... It's just too bad Banks isn't the son of a famous NFLer

When Stegall pulled off “The Catch” against Edmonton, didn’t the announcer yell “Oh no!!”? Again it was just incredulity, like “you can’t be serious!”

The original poster is way off the mark with this thread.

That's all I have to say

Rod Black is the worst football play by play guy in football. Period.

Black is annoying but I don't believe he meant any harm, he gets way to excited at times

Agree tcmike. While I'm not a big fan of his, he's harmless and is ok.

We are going to the GREY CUP WE WON the game why does somebody always bring negative comments if you are not happy don' t bring it up on here

I thought Black was genuinely amazed and he was excited. Banks dominated today! Absolutely nothing wrong with his comment. Ticats, Grey Cup bound wooohooo!!!!!

You're nuts. Rod Black, for all that people like to dump on him, still has a great sense of occasion. The calls on both Banks returns were absolutely fantastic. I don't think Chris Cuthbert could have done it better.

Ha Ha Ha love the last quote

We were counting. He mentioned the NFL connection for Tasker and Carter 5 times each :rockin: BTW, who was that guy who sang the National Anthem? All I could think at that time was how the Americans must be howling at the bush league to the north. :cowboy:

I was at the game yesterday, but I did hear Black's comment in the clip provided on the Tiger cat site. I also believe his tone was of amazement. It was one of the most incredible single player performances I have ever witnessed as a Tiger cat fan.

On the TSN sportscast last night, they interviewed Woods and Green and both expressed their exasperation with Brandon Bank's abilities in yesterday's game. Green even offered some words that had to be beeped.

I don't know how that played on TV, but the crowd was encouraged to "sing along", Vince simply set the key with his "Oh Canada..." and the crowd carried it from there. I can't speak for everyone else there but it seemed to me our fans very loud and enthusiastic signing of our National Anthem was one of the highlights of the game.

For what it's worth, I agree Bob. The crowd was so energized for the game, that it was cool to hear 25 thousand fans singing our national anthem and seeing that huge flag covering the field.

I was proud.