The weekly league stats show some interesting (surprising?) numbers regarding this team with the second best record in the country:

While the Cat offence stands 4th overall in yards gained, the defence has allowed more total yards than any other team in the league. They're also the worst team, country wide, for allowing passing yards and worst in the East against the run.

Second in points allowed would be the flipside of that.

Obviously more improvement is necessary, but the key is that the defence has been STELLAR when the game is on the line -- except for the first BC game I believe, the Cats have not surrendered a point in the fourth quarter. Keeping the club in games late is a crucial indicator as to whether you can contend. Sack totals need to go up to increase the number of stops, but this group is NIGHT AND DAY from recent Ticat defensive units in terms of coaching, scheme, and overall talent level, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


From what I have seen from the D, I am sure that they will soon reach a point where they don't even "Bend". In the meantime I would be happy if they could stop the passes in the flats that they have let the opponent have much too often.

IIRC, Edmonton was held to only 3 points in second half…not too much bending there…


This team has been awesome at making adjustments. The coaches are doing a great job of neutralizing the offensive schemes that have worked against them early in the game.

Excellent point Socrates; Marshall has been stellar and it's a nice change from what we've seen from the Hamilton defence in seasons past.

The big yards yielded by the defense have come on two or three breakdowns each game. In their post game interviews, Ricky Ray and Richie Hall both mentioned that they thought their team was in control but they couldn't get the ball across the goal line and had to settle for field goals. Sitting in the stands I admit I was getting awfully nervous watching Gordon getting twisted inside out in the first quarter on long gains. If it wasn't for Kobongo we might have been in much deeper trouble. (what where the two DB's watching on that Bell TD anyways?).
The same goes for the special teams who have been otherwise excellent up to this point. Two really long returns by Jackson and Whitlock put EE in really good field position at critical times. And to make things worse if it wasn't for Setta clogging up the return route things could have been much worse (or possibly we find our kicker on the DL).
So at the one-third point in the season I can just about agree with every comment in this thread. We have bent a lot but have not broken. Marshall is a breath of fresh air in terms of half-time adjustments and at the same time the team really does have a lot of things to improve on. This can keep them focused in practice, prevent swollen heads and at the same time enjoy their place at second in the overall standings and second in overall in points against.

I don't care how many yards we give up as long as we keep finding a way to win.

If it wasn't for Kobongo we might have been in much deeper trouble.
If it wasn't for Kabongo we might have had a few more sacks!!!!

NOT saying i know more than coach Marshal, But.. it would be better if Gordon played bump and run rather than giving a 10 to 15 yd cushion to op recievers would it not? seems he,s playing for a INT on a bad throw,I would rather see knock downs for no gains and 2 and outs. (as stated in the Barker thread)

Since the first game we have been improving steadily. Also take into account the injury to Adams, who up to the time of his injury, was our most dominant lineman. Plus, when you consisder Floyd being out and being replaced by a rookie (Haley), you can understand how really good they have been. Haley is improving but is far from a Otis Floyd. Khari Long was also playing really well and this will give us great depth at DE. Right now we're going with three newcomers on the D-line and with Adams out that'd be four newcomers. By the fall...look out, the Cat's will impose Marshall Law on the CFL. :cowboy: