Not as angry as usual after a loss... (Understanding)


The offense fell flat in the 3rd QTR. The defense went into the half once drive too early and Charlie Taffe should have attempted a FG on the 3rd last drive.

Other than that... these two teams played a hard fought game and Edmonton came out on top. 1-6 is hard to swallow but if this loss came across on a .500 season or one in which we didn't start 0-5... it would be easier to take because for the most part, other than some questionable calls it was hard fought on both sides of the ball.

Fact of the matter is that we're 1 game out of 3rd and there's still lots of football to be played. The next step is to keep on pace with the Argos and start putting consecutive wins together to get past 4th in the west to avoid the crossover.

Its rebuilding but even rebuilding in the CFL can take you to the playoffs.

Maas really got his bass in gear when Chang started warming up, didn’t he? But alas, it was not enough–especially in a game like this one.

You guys actually looked pretty sharp tonight. Being at the game and seeing the whole plays develop, I see lots of potential for your team. I think it came down to just a few plays (as with most games)... but one question for the OC... why not use the Lumsden screen more than once??? One question for the DC... who was covering Nowacki on Td #1??? And for the head coach... isn't a 49 yard attempt within Setta's range???

They did run a Lumsden screen again in the second half - the run where Stanford Samuels tripped him up. It was just a flip screen instead of a middle slip screen though. That is a play we should use, but maybe it had something to do with him getting banged up. I wanted to see it again though, who wouldn't?

Y'know what I would have liked to see a little more of in the first half is Holmes in a split back set with Lumsden as a decoy. Our front 7 were so focused on Jesse and plugging the gaps, that using a scat back I think would have been very effective.

We are rebuilding period. At the present time we
can not beat the second worst team in the leage.
time to quite dreaming about beating the Argo's
they will kill us when bishop gets back.
we must just keep developing new players for next
year period.

sadly, i agree. no chance at a playoff spot. we finish with something like wpg, mont, sask, sask, bc, and edmonton. Which five of those will we win to get in?

Bang on comment ED !

Yeah very true. For how focused an injured Eskies D was on plugging gaps, I'm suprised that the Cats just couldn't find alternatives or adjust. I didn't see anything significantly different than strong gap plugging from Edmonton last night.