Not an idle threat

I know as a fan you’re expected to stick around through thick and thin, but this incompetent organization has done what I didn’t think was possible – it sucked the love of the Cats right out of me. The product at Ivor Wynne has been that bad. (And I sat through the 1 – 17 and 2 – 16 seasons. This is worse).

I will not be renewing my seasons’ tickets. I told the wife I’d sleep on it last night and talk about it this morning after I calmed down a bit. If anything, I’m angrier this morning than I was last night.

My wife asked, “Why are we spending all this time and money on something that just makes us angry and embarrassed??

I promised the wife and myself I won’t be renewing, and it is a promise I have every intention of following through on. (I’ve broken many promises to myself, but never to her. She’ll make sure the renewal forms are tossed straight into the trash.)

I'm sorry it's had to come to this.

P.S. – concentrate on the on-field product first before worrying about trivial things like colder beer or more toppings for hot dogs. First and foremost, we are there to watch good football.