Not amused when TSN bumps the CFL for golf/tennis or tiddlyw

Can't watch the game tonight as TSN is not televising the Argos game for a golf game. I just heard they're on hole 12 or whatever, so I guess the CFL is blacked-out tonight. I know everyone can just watch the game on TSN2 but in B.C. it is not a commonly carried channel as TSN2 is part of a specialty sports package and not readily available. Not amused. :x

Nothing new, everyone stays with the live event until it’s completed. Blame Heidi.

So much for TSN promoting the CFL.

That was only for the 1st 11 minutes, the game is on TSN now.... but yea.. I have now PVR'd GOLF for the 1st time in my life!! :thdn:

This. It's standard policy in contracts to show sports. You don't leave a live event on progress even if it goes late.

They cut off things for long running CFL games too. It's equal opportunity.

I have issue with TSN delaying going to a game in progress for post match interviews (they've done it with racing and golf), but this is the norm. They do seem to cut away from a CFL game so fast the play by play is still calling the final play, but at least the final gun has gone and the game is over.

Thank that little Heidi kid or no doubt late running CFL games that weren't close would be dropped in favour of NASCAR pre-race coverage.

On a related note, TSN cut off the first 30 minutes (all of session 1) of F1 qualifying for the Riders/Lions game. How in the world was that game running so damn long?

Could probably thank Dave Hodge as well. His last words ever spoken on CBC jockey Night in Canada:

Now, Montreal and the Philadelphia Flyers are currently playing in overtime, and...we are not able to go there. That's the way things go today in sports and this network. And the Flyers and the Canadiens have us in suspense, and we'll remain that way until we can find out somehow who won this game, or who's responsible for the way we do things here. Goodnight for Hockey Night in Canada.


It was worse when the CBC was telecasting CFL games. I recall one evening I was awaiting a telecast from the West. That evening the Jays were playing and, the Jays went into several additional innings. By the time the CFL game got started, I had missed the entire CFL first Q. AS least we now have TSN2 to watch the beginning of games untl TSN picks it up.

One thing I am not amused watching esks/Al's game is listing to that idiot rod black! I thinking even watching the cis on the score is more professional then tsn production!

Well, that's normally the case, but today TSN cut away from the live Presidents golf game and televised the CFL game in it's entirety. TSN posted a message on the screen saying anybody who wants to continue watching golf should switch to the American channel. Maybe some complaining got their attention? :thup: