Not all Toronto media CFL Negative

The following is great feel good story...

Dave Perkins is a well known CFL basher. Every year he declares the CFL insignificant. A couple of years ago he wrote an article with the headline "Time to Kill the Argos".
He is no fan of the CFL.

And if you read his last line-
"there's no telling when we'll get another chance?"

That's an obvious reference to the NFL coming to Toronto, which he feels is going to kill the Argos. And therefore anymore Grey Cups in Hogtown. Its a backhanded cheap shot.

Good Article Mike!

I thought it was fine, He actually didn't say anything negative really..

Actually kudos go out the last couple weeks here in the Toronto print media.
The articles in the Sun and Star have been awesome. Very pro active.
Also, where credit is due, Stephen Brunt in the Globe has written some very good articles of late and no doubt will continue all week and next.

hey Berezin..

you might wanna check your facts before stating this.

here's an email I received from Dave.

"Mr. ******* Thanks for your note. Please provide a recent example of my negative CFL reporting. I've always liked the CFL style of game and I'm surely no fan of the NFL. Dave Perkins
-----Original Message-----

Subject: good
Well Dave, for someone who’s usually a very negative reporter on the CFL, I’m proud of what you wrote..

You did a fine job! I hope you decide to keep it up for a while.. and cool it on the CFL Negativity…

Good job!

I think you're sadly mistaken berezin99

I thought it was a fine article also. These guys in Toronto, if they ever do want an NFL game or team, I think are going to be told by the NFL boys not to crap on the CFL game as a lot of fans like both and if you crap on the CFL, you're basically crapping on North American football in general. The NFL will tell Toronto to go and shove it as far as they can in this case although, as I've said before, Ralph Wilson might have some say on this.

And let's face it, the CFL has been run sort of rinky dink in the past, I mean you have to take a loan for $4 mill from the NFL to keep afloat! That was a very embarrasing moment in CFL administration history and people have the right to say it was a joke of a thing to have to do. If this type of thing happens again, it could be the end of the CFL. But people saying this is a joke who know a thing or two about football never said the actual Canadian football game is a joke, they know the CFL is an excellent brand of ball with some very excellent players, not all, but some. It is, afterall, all football. Not all players in the NFL are excellent also or any other league, they all make plenty of mistakes as we know.

But the CFL has prevailed and it keeps on truckin, fortunately. What we'd all like in Canada is to have an NFL run type league with all the money and keep, in the case of football, our own rules and distinctiveness. I think everyone would agree with this. The NFL is the best run league compared with the other ones with revenue sharing allowing a market as small as Green Bay to compete. That is excellent. The downside is that an owner can have a losing team year after year after year and not really try hard to make the team better and still make a ton of cash off of other teams.

...that last line 'there's no telling when we'll get another chance'...could also be taken as a 'wake-up' call for the people at the centre of the universe....The people in T.O. should get out and enjoy the Cup festivities...because if anything was 'bang-on' in the article it's the fact the Grey Cup has it all over the 'super dud'...and you can take that to the bank... :wink:

CFL,s problems in Ontario started back in the 80,s CBC giving away rites to nbc was just stupid, i thought that then and now! CBC is to blame for alot of cfl,s pr problems in T.O and the fact T.O(media) has no civic pride re its Pro football team imho ... utes/clip2

And they sure as heck won't be playing a Super Bowl at any stadium in Toronto that currently exists. They have the opportunity here to show Canada and some of the rest of the world that they are a football town and can party with the best. It's their chance and then a chance maybe at the 100th GC in a few years when there will be fierce competition for this one and if they or anyone lays an egg now, they will be out of the running for the GC of all GC's I'm sure it will be in terms of what the festivities will be. Only one chance at a 100th.

Mass, I think the Blue Jays were a big problem for the Argos and Ticats playing all the games in the summer and again'st the big American cities with the big names. That there are still CFL teams in Toronto and Hamilton to this day actually surprises the heck out of me in some ways, especially since the BJ's even won 2 WS. Really, it's a minor miracle.

re EARL-Americas favorite passtime is Baseball,- T.O- ,s Media,s favorite passtime is KISSING U.S media,s A$$

Maas, there are a lot of baseball fans in southern Ontario and Godfrey wanted MLB in Toronto. I don't think you can say Godfrey did anything immoral bringing MLB to Toronto, I won't say that.

I think the Rogers Centre is a blessing in disguise for the CFL in southern Ontario. That they didn't build an intimate retro baseball park, which could have made baseball even bigger than it is now, and instead built a large, concrete dome, whose time as a baseball stadium is coming to an end (no wonder Rogers got it for a song $25 mill), is good for the CFL. But if Ted Rogers builds an ultimate retro baseball stadium, this will make baseball really big again I think. But I don't think this will happen, thank goodness.

EARL why do you always have a comment about what i post??? who said anything about godfrey bring bball to T.O. what point are you trying to make , re- T.O,s media and their disdain for the Args??

I get carried away Mass. Sorry. The Argos itself isn't what bugs some of the media there I don't think. It's just that the media, a few, have seen the CFL/Argos as an easy whipping boy and just want the NFL there and no CFL. That's all. And maybe no football or soccer team that plays in the summer as they want the Jays to be the big thing, a lot are baseball fanatics and want the Jays to succeed.

re earl- ok ok my bad- actually i Was on the bj bandwagon when they started beating the yankees and sox, with their platoon system and Dave Stieb, re-Garcia was called out on strikes on a pitch that was eye high lol, - imho thats why kissing up to amercan media is futile, p.s wich way do es the flag fly? anyway,s Go riders, and all the ex Ticats :rockin:

Good one Maas, you got me there with the ex Ticats, damn it. :x Oh well, that's a different story, but wait till next year, the Cat attack will be back!

Funny, but I miss the mistake on the lake in some respects, ol' Ex Stadium, for both football and baseball. But I'm in the minority I'm sure.

I suspect that the last line of this article had more to do with the fact that Toronto hasn't hosted a game in 15 years. And who knows when they will host again.

Now part of that has been because of ownership problems with the franchise, part is because the city wasn't behind it. They were busy preparing for 2 failing Olympic bids, one failing FIFA bid.

So do I consider it negative. I consider it insightful....yes...

Maybe the Argos ownership will take up the challenge and get a Grey Cup game scheduled more then once every 15 years.

I think you’re right, Mike.

And if Toronto can make a big success out of this game without the Argos playing, they may get the game more often. I was getting pretty annoyed with all the “it’s crucial that the Argos get to the Grey Cup” talk from some media folk. If I were a CFL fan in Toronto, I’d have been insulted by the implication that I only care about the game if my team is in it.


Another good story from Toronto media...this one sums up what has happened for the last 15 years.

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