not again

Now Bowmans out for a month according to Rob Vanstone on rider rumblings.

When will this end????????

And Dressler is questionable

Well, in comes Rob Bagg and Chris Getzlaf should be back.

we sure get to see our young talent.
Ivan should get a pay increase after this year, or change their drinking water.

Getzlaf was 9-gamed on Aug 6th

Our Recievers, as of today:

Corey Grant
Rob Bagg
Micheal Palmer
Henri Childs
Gerran Walker
Vincent Marshall
Brian Hernandez
David McKoy

Frightening lot, eh?

very scary indeed
and here i was wanting them to cut Palmer for his drops earlier.

good thing we have 3 quarterbacks that can run + Wes Cates

And take McKoy out because according to ET on RV, he's 6 weeks away.

so who will be our number 1 go to guy

Time to open the playbook up to page 33 again.

bloody crazy.

Let Durant start at QB and then put Bishop as a slotback. You could come up with some intresting plays with a SB that can throw 80 yards.

I would PAY to see that!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

What about a flea flicker under the same lineup? That would be friggin cool!!!!!

Yup we definately need to send an email out to Coach Miller.....Durant to Bishop 75 yards to who thought.....the only recievers i think we have that could catch a bishop pass are still on the 9 game

Mybe we'll trade Stegall to Sask after the Banjo bowl for a starting db???

You still owe us for Jovon Johnson.....

Stegall? Is he still playing?? grin

Wes Cates. He is Godly.

Nope don't want stegall, i want Armstrong back