Not Again!!, i Can't take another year of this!!!,

I was at the Game last night sporting the Black and gold Proud, then my face went from black to RED in Anger...

If you are a football fan you know to never throw a pass from your own endzone to a receiver who is in your own endzone!!! am i wrong???

From that point on it was disaster, and when Chang came in that was a highlight, then he threw an INT.. story of the night,actually it was a touchdown called back because of one of the MANY stupid penalties that we took to end or halt some good drives, then A rabbit came on the field and was flirting with the Cats bench, i was hoping for a litle luck...NEVER HAPPENED!!!..

Maas is a good QB, but i wish he would get his head out of his ass and relax, settle down, and become the QB i know and hope he can become...

Charlie you have your work cut out for you, but i will ALWAYS SUPPORT MY CATS through thick or thin, we have 17 more games and i hope we can get back to playing TI-CAT football!

Welcome to the site, Harv.

It is tough sitting in enemy territory watching you team lose, eh?

We did the same thing here at home in Hamilton last year.

We know we have better personnel this year but they are young.

Charlie has proven that he can win in this league.

He will work on getting things on track
like his life depended on it.

The truth of which player or players were at fault
on each and every play can be seen on the game film

Charlie will correct what needs be corrected,
player's mistakes, coaches play calling mistakes, whatever.

The Game can listed by 1 Word Disappointing.

Maas has done very little to nothing since he came to Hamilton. He shows that he can not (or will not) throw the ball down field often enough to keep the other team honest. His play selection is poor and the rest of the offence seems not to want to play for him. When he first arrived I was very optomistic. We finally had a QB that was young and mobile. What a let down it has been. Give him another chance? I don’t know. Maybe giving Chang a chance is better. It sure can’t be worse. My only fear is that he becomes another Anthony Calvio and we burn him out before he learns the game. I do have every confidence in the new coaching staff however, and I know they will do the right thing.

I know that there were alot of people to blame last night but, the D-Line was horrific. They could not plug gaps, they could not contain...Henry Burris should not have been able to run up the middle like that, that many times. If they are going to start somewere it should be with the D-Line.

i will tell you what you need. i was therelast night and man that is the hardest thing to do is watch are boys lose. MAAS needs to calm down, relax and get back to that guy he was in EDMONTON three years ago when he won the gray cup for the ESKS. you all remember i know youdo. we need CHEATWOOD, COTTON, MORREALE, HITCHCOCK back on the line. last night was horrible the front seven on the D did nothing. they just let em in and no shut down. punting kiking was good STELLA was excellent last night. well 17 games to go AUGUST 12 i will be in Edmonton to support the boys. good luck fellasfrom the die hard in Calgary.

Hitchcock must felt as sick in his stomach as I
did watching Maas ruin this game again as always!

I hear you. Keep in mind that 4 of the 6 players that had significant playing time on the d-line we're playing there first CFL game. Two were making there pro debuts. The d-line was clearly gassed by the fourth quarter. Also remember that we have 2 starters in the wings (Collier and McKay-Loescher). Lastly, the mlb also has to take some responsibility. So it is a work in progress. But you're right, last night the d-line was dominated and that's going to be a problem if we can't sort it out.

...I second this comment.