Not a Sell out yet but soon

Looks like about 350 tickets left for the game. Should easily sell out by game time. I think if this were an afternoon game, they could have sold standing room tickets. Still good to see.

And it looks like at least a half of those 350 or so seats are singles. So not that many at all left for people wanting a pair or more with seats together.

I see there are two club seats available for sale on the 45 yd line . $213.75 each , wonder if they will sell .

Currently counting 331 left...

whats the magic number they have to get down to before they call it a sell out or are we there yet?

Don't know but there seems to be a lot of them single seats spread out throughout the stadium. Not too many people show up asking for single tickets, but I suppose you could buy two singles and then stand somewhere.

Let's hope they announce a sellout by Saturday so they lift the blackout.............. :lol:

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The Ticats also announced Friday that less than five percent of tickets remain available for the four games in August, with additional games on the 9th, 15th and 27th

so the magic # to my question is 5percent. thanks

hope we can continue the win streak and sell out streak right through the season :thup:

By my count there are currently 153 seats left. Based on what happened in the last two hours, there should be no tickets left by 8 pm....

I will soon have to start posting how many tickets left for next weeks game against Winnipeg....

anyone know the attendance record for a season at the old girl?

  1. Average Attendance was 32,129 over 7 home regular season games.

wow that's incredible record that wont be broken. but I guess THF can set a record for most fans in a season if we keep this up! :thup:

Not a huge difference from my last count, only 148 left.

Yea, that's what I count and all singles

In making Friday’s announcement, the club added that approximately 100 tickets for the home opener have been held back for purchase by the two participating teams, as per CFL regulations. Any tickets remaining from that allotment will be released to the public at 12 noon Saturday, August 1 on a first-come, first-served basis by visiting or by calling 905-547-CATS (2287).

More to be added, last year I think they added some standing room seats on day of game as well.

So we should see a bit of increase in the number of blue seats remaining on ticketmaster later today. Interesting, never knew that.

Looks to be the same as it was early this morning - around 138 a lot of singles

When it gets down to singles, people can very easily stand along the open spaces at the top of the bleachers and watch in groups there. That's the best part of the new stadium, you can buy a bunch of tickets all over the stadium but still be together in comfort. Plus, it's weatherproof.

Well they've definitely released the extra tickets. There are no longer just singles, are are few group seats now, most on the East stands. My count now stands at 203.

I picked up a pair in section 218 this afternoon. The staff at 1 Jarvis were extremely helpful.