Not a Playoff team!

I feel so bad for the defence that works so hard just to end up back on the field in less than 3 minutes!

ya but our defense sucks against the run..

Edmonton will do whatever they can to run the ball against us.. so will B.C.

we're in trouble.

I don't think its the players. They do what they are told. Its obvious at this point that its the coaching. I could write for a long time on the issues I saw. Special teams not picking up their blocks (#35) results in block field goal and kicker gone for the year. No effort to slow his guy down, brutal. He knows on a field goal the speedy guy is coming from the outside, so why do you let him go? I feel so sorry for Congi who should still be healthy except for a selfish play. Dline can't stop the run. Etchy needs to go to a more traditional formation. 3 guys on the line when Calgary is on our 1 yd line???? Just give them the TD for Christ sake. Oline should be embarassed with their lack of play. Can't move the line laterally to help RB, can't protect the QB, QB doesn't use his legs to get out of pocket on obvious blitzs, etc, etc. Put a man on Fantuz and no catches, great coaching from Calgary, what do we come back with at the half. Snooooozzzzzeeeeee......... No GC this year unless some miracle happens.

I thought we were second in the West and host the West semi Nov 14th. Damn, they sure pulled one over on me because I already paid for my playoff ticket.

I'm guessing that they meant that we are not a playoff CALIBRE team. If our coaches don't do something, I'm afraid the OP is correct.

Not a playoff team is maybe a bit dramatic, but at this point we are far from a Grey Cup team. No run game, no pass protection, no run defense, an offense that has the big play but can’t sustain a drive, a defense that cannot get pressure on the opposing QB. The Riders have some big problems right now, I really hope they find a way to get better, they aren’t a lock to win anything right now. However, things can change in a hurry in this league and that’s what I’m hoping for.

It could be a short one. The Riders have glaring deficiencies (not to mention the state of flux the the kicking game is in now).

  1. They can't stop the run.
  2. They have a lack luster pass rush.
  3. They have poor special teams.

After that, they have strengths but defence wins championships and unless they can take care of the first two, and in a hurry, it'll be a one game playoff season.

yes Ladygreen, comments exactly why i said not a playoff team.

The thing is, they are a playoff team with a home game.