Not a great start

What a contrast in games yesterday. While the Riders and Montreal put up what could possibly already be Game of the Year, the Argos -Stamps game just plodded along with no real rhythm on either side.

The Argos offence clearly has a lot of work to do to get some consistency.
The defence looked good for most of the game (of course, they also played most of the game).

There is much work to do

A plodding Offense that seemed to struggle for every single yard ... and an
over-achieving Defense that somehow managed to keep them in the game.

Wait-- I think that was just a rebroadcast of a 2009 Argos game.
It had me worried for a moment there. I can't wait for this season to start !

Go Argos !!! :rockin:

I wouldn’t start panicking just yet. You have to remember the Argos have a new QB and a bunch of new receivers. Anyone catch the graphic TSN showed last night of all the receivers the Argos have had over the last couple years? Lotta turnover. I’m sure once these guys start to get familiar with each other, the offence will improve. And the OC can’t forget about Boyd. Reynolds had 17 carries while Boyd had 8. They gotta stick with the run game.

Oh yeah I caught that graphic no doubt. The receiving corps for sake of experience and yards is basically Jermaine Copeland and ...Jermaine Copeland. :roll: The only thing good for the Argos offence is that it is still very early in the season. I don't see much hope for their running game though.

What makes you say that? I didn't see the game from beginning to end, but I did catch two comments from the announcers... One comment was about him having over 100 yards in a pre-season game. Now granted, pre-season isn't regular season, but that's still pretty good. The second comment mentioned the Argos drifting away from the run game.

The Esks used to have the same problem. They'd give the RB a few carries and then forget about him for an entire quarter. You can't do that. Toronto needs to stick it out. The Eskimos did that last season with Whitlock, and we ended up having a decent running game.

I had a look at the rushing stats on the stat sheet Chief:

Nothing optimistic about the Argos running game here with Boyd leading with 8 carries for 32 yards plus Lemon with two fumbles with one lost. :roll: Pre-season whatever does not count for JS in my book either, and no I do not agree that if something is not working whether rushing certain gaps or running certain pass routes you have to "stick it out" but rather change up some things.

And Whitlock IMHO if not also yours is in the elite of the league with not every team having one. IMHO he has the best overall tools in the league and ought be the rushing leader.

Now for example if your suffering offence can muster an improvement in the receiving game and THEN go back to the run that's a different tale perhaps for a different game.

I agree his stats aren't impressive, but it was his first game. Have you looked at Whitlock's stats for his first game? He was brutal. Fumbles, dropped passes in the endzone. I mean, Jesus... You couldn't have a worse start. People were ready to run him out of town, me included. Yet Hall stuck with him, and he eventually turned things around. He finished the season third in rush yards and second in rush TDs. Now, I'm not saying Boyd is going to light it up like Whitlock, but I don't think Toronto should give up on him. And I definitely don't think they should rely on the passing game. The Esks did that for a couple years, and look where got them... outside the playoffs.

For what it is worth, the Argos won their season openers in both 08 & 09 & look how that progressed. They look weak on offence right now, but they did manage to hang in there with an elite team in their own stadium.

I saw some bright spots in newcomers like Rideau, Christian & Owens, who along with Durie will make Argo fans forget about Dominic Dorsey.

That was a helluva return by Owens. :thup:

It was quite evident to some of us how Lemon indeed is a "project" and maybe even a long term one at best? If so, boy did Barker make a large mistake as some of us have been saying from the outset when he signed the NFL "rejects".
When comparing game 1 of Buck Pierce and the Bombers, they are miles ahead and I would rather be in their shoes than ours.
And man was all this preventable had coach Barker taken the more rational route and signed Pierce and some of the other CFL experienced QB's.
And to think he has been in the league for mega years and we are not talking about Bart Andrus. Having said that at least Andrus understood and had a CFL QB, although one of a washed up variety.

Let's wait about four games on Buck Pierce to make sure he does not get hurt as otherwise all will be forgotten regarding his outstanding comeback.

And should Pierce make it through about half the season or more for which I would be the over now, let's expect the howls and wails from Toronto and BC to be almost as loud as as a stadium of vuvezelas for "the Buck that got away from their sights." :expressionless:

Rome wasn't built in a day. We all knew this was gonna take some time to rebuild.