not a good start for keith

Wow i really expected a lot more out of Keith last night . I understand he has not played in over a month so he would be a little rusty but really only one or two decent runs and his blocking was absolutly pathetic, you would think that playing in the NFL would make him a better blocker but nope not at all. it still shows us how important Jesse is to this team if we can get him on the feild. Dont trade Jesse!!!! Sign him!!!

here we go...
already its started with negative threads towards Kieth...
what did you expect with limited practice and against the Lions defence!?
Give the guy a friggen chance!

It will take more than 3 practices for Kenton
to internalize the plays in his head, IWSY,

and get used to live action on the field

with time, his decision-making will get quicker
and we should see him make lots of big plays

like the thirteen yard run he got last night.

Can't really Blame Kenton .. We got behind and had to pass
Porter was like Bumper in Pinball Machine Going tilt.. Every time he was Sacks
By the way he was sacked 10 Times 10 DAM TIMES

When you don't have balance and good Online
This is what happens to Running game and QB

What I found interesting.

No offensive game-plan.
The team did not put their players in a position to succeed.

Trying to continually throw the ball when you are a running team is interesting.

Continually throwing the ball when you have a rookie QB and you are facing the best "D" line the CFL has seen for years is interesting.

Basing a game plan on throwing when you have a weak pass blocking line is interesting.

Not establishing the best RB in the league is interesting.

For the Cats to even keep it close last night they had to keep things close to the vest.
Establish the run, work the clock, hope for some turnovers and defensive stops.

The Cats coaches went in to last nights game not only not giving the team a chance to win, they made the game unwatchable.
TSN should spring for a new set of coaches for the Cats. It will keep the viewers tuned in a little longer.

A game plan needs to be in place that gives you a chance to win.
There was no such gameplan last night!!!

Keith shouldn't even have been in the lineup yesterday. I understand why he was. All he could bring was heart and athletism and he did that.

The bit I saw of Keith was enough to convince me it was a good hire. He will go all out once he is familiar with whatever system this team has.
Porter, Keith, Caulley…looking good for the future. If Jesse stays…even better. Once we have an O-line that can do the job that is…
However the receiving corps makes me wonder. Two consecutive dropped passes in the end zone early in the game??? This team sure needs a ton of work yet on offence.

I am not meaning to start off being negative on KK I understand that with time he will learn the offence and be productive, but he missed 4 blocks that resulted in 4 sacks last night and that was what was dissapointing about him was his pass protection not his running ability.

8) Yep, cut KK now. He is an overpaid wanna be !!!! :wink:

You need a O LIne that can block before Keith can really show his stuff.

I sit 10 rows up behind the visitor bench at B.C. Place and had a great view of Keith. This guys got some serious skill. You can't expect alot from a guy who has such limited reps and facing the best front four in the CFL. Give him some time, you won't be disapointed.

This was a gift for BC from the Ticats, green young QB, a RB not ready for the game a struggling team we were lucky some of our players didnt get killed.

Keith played alright, considering he only had, what, 5 days of practice with the team. the guy is really quick. Obie, definately made a good hire. I hate to say it, but probably won`t get injured like Lumsden.

Apparently, the game plan was to put themselves in 2nd and long as quickly as possible. :roll:

I think Keith played as well as could be expected. He had what, 5 carries? He showed he still has the moves and acceleration. However, I doubt that he knows the offense just yet. This will take time and he's not going to save the season. It makes about as much sense to start him as it did to start Casey last year with less than a week of practice but I suspect if Lumsden or Caulley were healthy Keith would've been worked in gradually.