Not a fan Bellefeuille...

I feel THE HAMILTON TIGER CATS have made a very BAD decision in making Bellefeuille the Head Coach... Anyone else feel the same???

based on what?

At Least explain yourself.

8) It's a little early to start calling for Marcels head already !!!
   Give him at least 1 regular season game this year before you start with that nonsense  !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->


I felt they should made a wide Search of Other Coaches to fill the job
IMO he Poor Version of Greg Marshall.
But he is our head coach now so I live with it and Support him.

See this is the one pet peeve I have about the Internet and things like forums/message boards.

You can jump on here, post a statement that is based solely on factless opinion and I am sure it will start some mud-slinging and such, and come a year or two from now, if the team struggles and Marcel gets canned, the poster can jump in our faces and yell, "I told you so!" But rarely, if ever, do you see someone on a website retract or own up to the fact that they were wrong in their opinion.

Drives me crazy! Just like draft grades right after the draft do!

Rant over.

  • paul

I kind of like him. I'm willing to give him time. He seems to at least interact with the players and is a nice change from what we've had, i.e. Greg Marshall and his ready to explode head versus Charlie "Comatose" Taffe.

No, I don't.

I agree with Wallace.

I like Marcel's style. To me, he comes across as confident, intelligent, professional. I think it was a good decision to hire him, and I believe he will prove to be an excellent coach.

He has the Respect of Players
so I am giving him my Support
they time for debate is over for a few weeks anyways
if don't win 10 Games Then we have a real Problem

They did not do a thorough search I totally agree... We will see... One thing I do like is the trick plays... I know the season has yet to begin but I have seen him make lots of poor decisions... What's his Head Coaching Record again???

Way to early to make a decision on Marcel as a head coach. He has been successful in the pro ranks as an assistant for many years. I like his enthusiasm and the players seem to respond to him.
Let us all give him a chance.

Who calls the plays? The head coach or the offensive coordinator?

  • paul

In the end the Coach has the say...

For the first time in many season's....
We are seeing a coaching staff making the right training camp and the preseason games.
Winning preseason games, is not the important factor.
Finding the right players...for the " team effort " going into the 2009 season, is what it is all about.
The Cats have so much talent to look at, at several positions... before the final cuts to the roster can be made.

Hanging Bellefeuille out to dry at this point and time....would be really "nuts."

This is one fan that is excited, for the first time in many years....with the direction this team is going,
not only with the group of people in the complete coaching staff, but the level of players that are trying to make a roster spot. ( Vets...and rookie's alike.)

Relax.....the "wins" will come.


This has got to be a "troll". :o

Are you kidding? This is the guys first year of setting up his own team. We haven't even played a down of regular season yet and people are looking for the guy's head? :roll:

Wait until we have played 4 or 5 games and then evaluate. :wink:

So far I think he has compiled a good coaching staff and I'll see who makes the final cuts and then see how they play together. I think O'bie has given him some good "tools" and we will see how he uses them.

A little patience. :wink:

Except with pro experience, and respect of the players.

I like Bellfeuille's professional demeanour and the way the team responded after Charlie Apathy got chopped.

At this point just let the man do his job. :thup:


Please don't insult the Ticat fans.
Charlie wasn't 'Comatose'. He was just thinking, thinking, zzzzzz .

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I feel THE HAMILTON TIGER CATS have made a very BAD decision in making Ivor Wynne stadium it's home field.

Sorry, I thought this was 'the make a dumb-ass remark' thread