not a big crowd tonight

i heard on cknw this morning that the lions are only expecting about 32,000 tonight, they are saying that the game being on friday night, and the canucks getting all there coverage this week has hurt the lions again.

i have talked to some of my friends today that would normally go tonight, and three of them that were at the canucks game last night said that they spent all there lions ticket money to go to the canuck game last night, and know they would rather go to a canuck game than a lions game, this is what i see happing people say that the lions are too big in this city know to be effected by the canucks but that is not true. again the canucks are going to steel there buiness, and if the canucks keep winning and the lions are hosting the western final here on the sat that the canucks host the maple leafs, i guarentee you that the lions will only get at the most 45,000.

The lions better do something to change this or they are not going to improve there buisness at all.

and you know what the canucks love that they can steal the spotlight.

Well, for me, it's the much as I love the Canucks (equal to the Lions), I can't afford to go to their games anymore and will always be in the stands for the Lions reasonably priced games.

There is also a concert tonight at GM Place, so many avoid the congestion that comes with that....being a Friday night/rush hour commute, some just opt to stay at home. Parking's also a killer - $30 to park your car for a game is just outrageous...those Impark crooks make a fortune.

But I'll be there, as usual...don't understand why more people don't take advantage of the 7-11 deal? God - $20/ticket and they throw in a Sports Action play/beverage. Great value there.

What do you pay for a ticket at a Lions game?

According to it's $28 - $75 for a single ticket, depending on where you sit.

But deb's right, the 7-11 package ($40 for a pair of lower-bowl end zone seats) is pretty good. Plus with the free sportsaction bet, you can use Don Taylor's betting strategy - bet against the team you want to win. That way, you either a) see your team win or b) get some extra cash

announced attendance was over 34000, how is that bad or an embarrassment? You people have some unhealthy fascination with trying to make the attendance sound low when in fact it is quite decent.

Whats your deal with the Canucks? In this country hockey is king. Thats the way it is. Lions do fine and get plenty of fans and radio play. Quit telling us the damn sky is falling when it clearly is not. Dupsdell you need to give your head a shake.

hbw - They're as little as $20 each, which is what I pay. And they're on the bottom level - last night we were row 4! Really good seats.

The most expensive "premium" seat is $75...which is about the cheapest, nose bleed seat for a hockey game.

Really great value in Lions' we found some cheaper parking last night which only had us walking a couple of blocks to the stadium.

Once again Doom and Gloom Dupsell was wrong. 34,000 plus. Dupy, you should try talking football instead of feeding your ulcer with attendance posts.

34,000 was a decent turnout and above the seasonal average

I take the LIONS over the canucks ALWAYS!

"We are NOT all canucks"