not a bad day in the nfl today

Steelers lose :thup:
Peyton Manning wins :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:
Lions win :thup:
Eagles win :thup:
Jets win :thup:
Patriots win :thup:
Giants lose :thup:

too bad dallas had to win :thdn:
Saints lose :thdn:

This is the most important! :smiley:

Fly Philly Fly
Go Riders GO

Sorry, didn't notice that the NFL started yesterday. Too busy watching real football. I'll get back to watching the NawFuL when the Grey Cup is done. :wink:

You know, if you don’t like the NFL, fine, but some of us do, we’d like to discuss it without having you come in and make a point of saying you don’t like it.

Caught some NFL action. It is still football afterall. Man is the field small though, takes me a few games to adjust to it after watching so much Canadian football.

Makes it tougher to get away from the defense :slight_smile:

A record for most points scored in week 1 to open a given season. Awesome