Nostradamus... move over

Re: Ti-Cats, Stamps in Metro Sept. 25 by Mark » 08 Feb, 2011 - 12:50 I'm waiting for the announcement...

"Season Ticket Holders may apply their ticket refunds to the cost of their playoff tickets now in this convenient option for fans. If you DO wish an immediate refund, please fill out the following form. Otherwise, you need do nothing."

And in today's news there's a link to FAQ about the Moncton game.
Q: I’m a Tiger-Cats season seat holder. What happens now that a home game will be played in Moncton?

Ticats season seat holders will receive a credit equal to the amount of one regular season game that will be applied toward a potential 2011 home playoff game. You may alternatively apply the credit toward an additional 2011 regular season home game at Ivor Wynne Stadium, including the Labour Day Classic.

To apply your Season Seat credit, or if you have any questions, please contact your service team at 905-547-CATS.

Okay... it ain't exact but maybe this is the beginning of a roll for me. I finally got something sort of right! :smiley:

Id love to find the post where i said you can bank on us being in this game, and being the home team... and i was told to "chill out" "calm down" because nothing was official.

Not sure why the team has to make it so high maintenance.

The season ticket price is based on 10 total games. If you take one game away (1 is 10% of 10) then simply lower the cost of all season ticket prices by 10%.

People should never be charged for a game they can never attend in the first place unless the team wants to pay to fly those fans to Moncton for the game.

I'm applying my discount to the Eastern Divison Final we'll be hosting this year.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Now in the first post you didn't claim the home team spot but your later quote is dead on. You're about as accurate as me.


I still dont like this one bit.

You guys are impressve. Dare I ask who you see winning the Grey Cup this year?

Putting on my "Kharnak the Magnificent" turban and cape (in the best Johnny Carson tradition) I'd have to narrow it down to one of 8 CFL teams (although as a true fan of the Cats I must automatically also rule out the blew team, lol).