Norwood's size?

What am I missing ? A d-lineman who is 6.1 and 240? Did he or does he play another position?

Norwood is a pass rusher. He played linebacker at South Carolina but spent a lot of time with his hand in the dirt, coming after the quarterback. He was unable to succeed in the NFL because of his size and inability to perform traditional linebacker assignments (defend the run, cover tight ends).

His playing style is well suited for the CFL, and his size is pretty ideal for defensive ends in this league.

Really? I thought most if not all the d-linemen in the league pushed at least 260 plus. Works for me though if he's good, particularly if Shomari gets healthy as well.

Defensive ends are a bit smaller, as they depend on their speed and mobility rather than their lane-clogging and pushing ability.

Peach - 255
Boudreaux - 240
Fortin - 245

That is slightly on the small side, but not at all uncommon. Certainly too small to move inside, but as a rush end, if he's quick and smart enough, can still be very effective a la Stu Hill. I may be wrong but wasn't Joe Montford in the 250-255 range?

Eric Norwood could be a real find this guy has a powerful build with a good football background. Very much built like Joe Montford, now if he can play like JM. :wink:

As fodder for discussion, here is a size breakdown of players with 6 or more sacks in 2012 based on numbers. Listed with their 2012 team, and the position currently showing on their player page. Note that Emry and Bighill are the only non-linemen in this list.

Take these numbers with a grain of salt, as there have been many instances in the past where folks have observed that official billed height and weight of players seemed not to match reality. A player's weight may fluctuate as well.

Keron Williams (BC): 12 sacks, 6'1, 260 (DE)
Charleston Hughes (Cal): 11 sacks, 6'1, 247 (DL)
Alex Hall (WPG): 9 sacks, 6'6, 256 (DE)
Adam Bighill (BC): 9 sacks, 5'10, 230 (LB)
Khreem Smith (BC): 7 sacks, 6'3, 270 (DE)
John Bowman (MTL): 7 sacks, 6'3, 250 (DE)
Shea Emry (MTL): 7 sacks, 6.0, 228 (LB)
Kenny Mainor (WPG): 7 sacks, 6'3, 243 (DE)
Armond Armstead (TOR): 6 sacks, 6'5, 298 (DT)
Greg Peach (HAM): 6 sacks, 6'3, 255 (DL)
Bryant Turner (WPG): 6 sacks, 6'2, 276 (DT)
Shawn Lemon (EDM): 6 sacks, 6'1, 249 (DL)
Alan-Michael Cash (MTL): 6 sacks, 6'2, 292 (DT)
Tearrius George (SSK): 6 sacks, 6'4, 277 (DT)
Jermaine McElveen (HAM): 6 sacks, 6'4, 265 (DT)
Odell Willis (SSK): 6 sacks, 6'2, 255 (DE)
Ted Laurent (EDM): 6 sacks, 6'1, 303 (DT)
Almondo Sewell (EDM): 6 sacks, 6'4, 288 (DT)

And looking at some notable Ticats from the not-too-distant past, lists:
Joe Montford, 6'1, 230 (DE)
Stevie Baggs, 6'2, 240 (DE)
James Cotton, 6'3, 255 (DE)
Tim Cheatwood, 6'4, 258 (DE)
Matt Kirk, 6'4, 265 (DT)
Khari Long, 6'4, 265 (DE)
Justin Hickman, 6'2, 265 (DE)
Garrett McIntyre, 6'3, 270 (DE)