Norwood now has 12 sacks to lead the East and trails only Chick(14) and Willis(13) for the overall sack title.
Since earning his way back into the lineup,(after getting benched for 3 games) he has been incredible!
I would think he has a lock on the East Defensive player award if he keeps up this pace.
It is not just Norwood, a lot of credit must go to the entire front 7 and coach McPhee

In case you were wondering

Most Sacks – Career

157 – Grover Covington – (1981-91)
115 – Joe Montford – (1996-2004)
81.5 – Mike Walker – (1982-89)
41 – Tim Cheatwood – (2002-06)
35 – Tim Cofield – (1993-94)
32 – Mike Philbrick – (1994-01)

Most Sacks – Season

26 – Joe Montford – 1999
25 – Grover Covington – 1988
21 – Mike Walker – 1986
21 – Joe Montford – 1998
20 – Joe Montford – 2000
19 – Tim Cofield – 1993
19 – Joe Montford – 2001

Most Sacks – Game

5 – Tim Cofield – versus Toronto Argonauts, September 6, 1993
4 – Tim Cofield – versus Toronto Argonauts, July 22, 1993
4 – Joe Montford – versus Winnipeg Blue Bombers, October 29, 1999

Considering that Norwood has played in three fewer games (or will have by season’s end) than either Chick or Willis, he has proved himself to be every bit as dominant - or more so - than the other two. Willis (without checking stats) I do believe also has other defensive plays like forced fumbles and recoveries though.

still confused how he didn't get defensive POW last week.... i mean it would be a little odd having three players from a losing team as POWs but.... still

Norwood has been lights out! Although Hickman hasn't been racking up the sacks, you can see what the overall DE rotation is doing to cause opposing offensive lines headaches. The interior line pressure created by Laurent and Ward in particular has been superb! We haven't had this kind of total D-line pressure since the days of Covington-Walker-Skillman-Price. Giving Deke McPhee this kind of ensemble is a treat to watch. Eric Norwood is only scratching the surface of what he can become in this environment!

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ, don’t be too quick to dismiss the efforts of G-N on the edge, and Gaydosh/Atkinson in the interior of the line. While I see G-N as a longer-term project, the other two could very well be starters anywhere in this league. I just hope they don’t read this post so they don’t get any ideas… lol

I've always been a fan of Eric and I saw the potential in him. Glad he is coming into his own and getting some recognition. Chick has really fallen off the pace and Norwood has stepped up. Should be interesting to see how DPOY plays out.

IMHO Solomon Elimimion just about has a lock on the DPOY
Chick is right out of the conversation now with only 18 tackles and 2 sacks in his last 9 games!
Norwood has a chance to really have an impact on our last 3 games!

Coach Austin knew he was a great player in Collage and Wow is he right, Eric Norwood has picked up his game and taken it to a new level, he reminds me of Joe Montford in so many ways and he's been that missing link from our Defensive line until this year with his great play.

The venture D-Line has improved so much and looks great, let's keep it up against the Argo's on Saturday, revenge is sweet but that much sweeter beating the Argo's in Toronto!!


And if you look closer at Chick’s first 7 games, 8 of his 11 sacks then was against a weakened eastern conference and the other 3 came playing Winnipeg. He’s gotten none playing against the stronger western teams.

The Greenies finish the season against Calgary and Edmonton, let’s see if he adds any there. The current trend says he doesn’t.