I thought he deserved his own thread. What a monster performancelast night. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't win DPOW.
Before last night's performance, I wonder if he would have been the odd man out when Hickman starts.

Agree that he had a great game and should be a candidate for DPoW. He certainly made a case for keeping his starting position last night! :rockin:

Funny what a little competition for a starting job can do to ones performance

Trying to remember, did Hickman play left or right DE when he was here?

I know he played left for sure but I believe he played both sides. I seem to remember him and Baggs switching sides.

DPOW should be in the bag with 4 sacks.

My guess is that Sam Scott will be the odd man out next week and it will be Hickman at left end and Norwood at right,with Hall,Gaydosh and hopefully Laurent plugging up the interior with Atkinson and Nadon also in the rotation keeping the Line fresh. I would think that Norwood should be a shoe in for DPOW after that performance,he was an absolute BEAST out there all game long. I simply can't wait to see him tag team with Hickman next week in the Peg. I can see us moving up the ladder in the Purolator Sack Race going down the stretch to the finish line in the final seven games of the season with these two playing as bookends and the depth we have at the tackle positions with the signing of Gaydosh and a finally healthy Atkinson to go along with Laurent and my fav new Cat this year Mr.Motor Bryan Hall. :smiley: :thup:

Listening to the game on the radio while watching it on TV, Coach Sal made mention of that factor.

The last few games, starting with Labour Day, the front seven have had much more of a presence and this has helped the secondary a great deal.

Great game for Norwood!!!

I've always been a big fan of Norwood. I'm so happy to see his hard work paying off. if he doesn't get DPOW something is very wrong with this league

Hold it in Banshee, hold it in. Probably some guy from the ever lovin' west will win cause he nicked himself shaving and played 'hurt'.

But I agree he should be DPOW

I think Norwood will get it. Four sacks is very impressive.

But I would note that in the same game, the dastardly Odell Willis had three sacks and two forced fumbles, one of which led directly to a TD. Objectively speaking, that is arguably more impressive. But the weekly honours usually go to the winners.

And Willis had a more demonstrative celebration dance!! :wink:

Yes, but Norwood also got a lot of pressure on Riley when he didn’t get the sacks and had 7 tackles including a huge stop in the backfield. That was my favourite play. He was everywhere.

Norwoods' celebration was not too bad

OK Grover, I like Norwood's dance too.

Saw the sack stats during the 2nd game yesterday and the Ticat are NO LONGER at the bottom of the list but have moved up to 7th with, I believe, BC and Montreal bringing up the rear. If Norwood continues to play like he did, and with Hickman soon starting, we could continue to climb in the sack totals. :rockin:

Checking the Purolator sack total site...this is what I found....

   Toronto	30	
Vancouver	29	
Hamilton	29	
Ottawa	19

Montreal is actually in 4th place.

Thanks for the correction old fan. I should have known that Montreal who has had a decent defense wouldn't be at the bottom but Ottawa likely would be! :lol: I see that we are tied with BC and TSN chose to list us ahead of them - maybe doing it alphabetically by city? Anyway, it matters not - we are moving up :thup:

After week 13, the sacks "achieved" and allowed are as follows:

Saskatchewan 50 and 29
Edmonton 39 and 34
Calgary 33 and 15
Montreal 33 and 26
Toronto 33 and 32
Winnipeg 31 and 43
Hamilton 29 and 46
BC 28 and 39
Ottawa 21 and 36

All teams have played 12 games, except Hamilton and Ottawa with 11.