Norwood replacement

Does anyone have any idea who will replace Norwood this weekend ?

  1. Tracey healthy ?
  2. Nadon ?
    3 other ?

If Nadon replace him then we can use another import elsewhere like the Oline ---use an import guard

Nadon is my first guess, i havent seen anything saying Tracey is back fingers are crossed he is though.

Tracey is still on the 6 game injured list, so he isn't even allowed to practice let alone play.

On the OLine, Dile was outstanding last game, but there is a chance that Lewis could return after a week off

If it is Nadon that starts then I presume one of the nationals on the practice roster or 1 game injured list will back him up , that should mean we have a open spot for a international player elsewhere .

My choice if that were the case ,would be to have Ford (if healthy) inserted so both he and Gable could be in the backfield . It sounds like it could be a rainy-snowy day so the running game is going to be important.

The weather forecast has improved considerably. The prediction now, on Thursday morning, is that the rain and/or mixed precipitation will come overnight, into Sunday, ending around 6 or 7 a.m. Then it's a mix of sun and cloud, with a high 6C, but a windchill of 1, with west winds @ 25 km/hr, gusting to 45.

Whew, if this is an improvement, I'm glad I missed the original.

Improvement Yes but still gusting winds of 25 up to 45 probably similar to what we experienced in Hamilton on Sunday against the Argos?

Look to more rushing and a ground game and defence and special teams could be the key to victory in a close game?


By more rushing, do you mean more than last week? Cause we have to also have an aerial attack. Masoli running the ball is too predictable. I think inserting Ford is a good idea, although the Oline could also use help.