Norwood injured...

Would it be a good guess that, since Scott is pretty much a certain dresser for Game 1, but was signed to the PR while Holley was upgraded, from the PR, to Active, that another club put in a claim on Holley, forcing the Cats to make that roster move to not lose him?

That would be my guess.

Is Mr. Bean on the team payroll? What the heck is with all these injuries? :?

Spec wouldnt or couldnt give the real story on Watt's injury I doubt we'll ever get the real story on this one.

In spite of injuries HAM is still fielding a quality team for week 1 and thats a testimony to how far the franchise has come in a realtively short period.

The following starters won't be playing this Friday due to injury:

  • Murray, Rico
  • Figueroa, Joel
  • Gable, C.J
  • Tasker, Luke
  • Norwood, Eric
  • Bulcke, Brian

yet our lineup still looks pretty strong. Agreed, this does speak to the depth that Austin has managed to bring to the team since he arrived.

Another huge difference between this year and last is that these injuries are spread around multiple positions. Last year, four of the starters we were missing at the beginning of the season were all on the O-line.

[knock wood]

I'll wait, and hope, 'til the dying minutes (EDT) of Friday night to make my decision on how strong that lineup that "still looks pretty strong" really is.

I did say "looks". :wink:

I don't think any team put a claim on Holley. Norwood went off the roster and Holley went on the roster. Scott will be activated before Friday so somebody will be coming off. Don't forget that two of the 46 players will not be on the game day roster. If Holley is still on the roster he may be one of the players sitting out along with either Brian Simmons or Jeremy Lewis.

If you look at the roster on the Ti-Cat home page you WON'T see that DT-Drake Nevis is currently on the active 46.
So I'm here to tell everybody that he is. My guess is that he will be the one coming off the roster for Scott, that Holley will indeed dress and the 2 reserves will be one of the import O-Lineman and one of the Cdn back-up DB's (King,Daly,Langa). Although you can't tell by looking at the team roster on the home page,the current active 46 man for the Cats consists of....
3 QB / 22 CDN /21 IMP which means that the 2 reserves will have to be 1 cdn and 1 imp. It would make sense that Nevis come off as the Cats right now have 5 DT(Hall,Laurent,Atkinson,Hazime,Nevis) listed as active and only 2 DE (Hickman,Nadon ).
On the O-Line the team has 8 active (5 cdn-3 starters/2 backups)and (3 imp-2 starters/1 backup)and for DB's they currently have 9 active (5 cdn-2 starters/3 backups)and (4 imp-3 starters/1 d imp )
But don't bother to look at the sight Roster for any of this info because you won't find it there as the roster listing is a complete joke and hopefully whoever is in charge will FIX IT and soon.

Lets not get our knickers in a twist.
The only players that will be genuinely missed are Tasker and Murray. Gable and Bulcke were more than adequately replaced. Figueora is starting quality for sure but was part of a middling to average o-line o-line last year. Jury is out on Norwoods injury impact.

I agree that the roster listing is not very good for those of us who like to play this guessing game.

I agree Nevis probably comes off the 46 to allow for Scott. But unfortunately I am not sure Holley plays if Grigsby can. They may decide to keep an extra international tackle in order to protect their biggest asset, Collaros, in case of an OT injury. They might not be very confident in any of their Cdn O-Linemen backing up at OT, at least at this point of the season.

Your sentence could easily just end there.