Norwood injured...

Drew Edwards

#TIcats add DE Eric Norwood to the 6 game injured list. Was hurt in household accident last night. #CFL

When will it ever end? At least Tillman and co. found a great looking/sounding DE in Adrien Tracey to fill in for him while he recovers. According to tweets between Norwood and @oskieeddie, Eric needed to get "some stitches" last night for his mishap.


I suspect there is a Tiger cat voodoo doll out there and someone is having pin sticking party....


Norwood goes to the 6 game Injured list and Ray Holley moves onto the 46 man roster to replace him.

Recently released DE Sam Scott gets onto the PR

HAMILTON, ONT. – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced a series of transactions today.

[b]The following player has been added to the 46-man roster:
INT – RB – Ray Holley

The following player has been added to the practice roster:
INT – DE – Sam Scott

The following player has been added to the six-game injured list:
INT – DE – Eric Norwood[/b]

Wouldn't be surprised if Tracey takes Norwood's job.


I had a double post and the site wouldn’t allow me to delete it :expressionless:
DP stands for double post

Also from practice today

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 2m2 minutes ago
#Ticats DE Sam Scott taking 1st team Defence walk through reps in the absence of injured Eric Norwood. #CFL

Thank you.

I just can't keep up with all the acronyms.

8) I believe that Adrien Tracey is on the 1 game Injury List !! He is not available for now.
  Looks like Sam Scott will replace Norwood for this Friday's game.

un real when will it end , I was really looking forward to seeing our bookend kick some QB ass!

And it just keeps rolling on.....
Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1h1 hour ago
More bad news for #Ticats: WR @BGrant84 isn't practicing today.

for the love of baby Hesus....Austin break out the bubble wrap already. :cry: :cry:

wow just wow

AM900 CHML ?@AM900CHML 9m9 minutes ago
#Ticats head coach Kent Austin confirms DE Eric Norwood suffered "a domestic accident" Sunday. "Lower body injury" & he needs stitches. #CFL

Bobbitt treatment!!!

Channeling your inner Bobo? (sans pictures, thank you very much) :smiley:

Good call Tipper!

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago
#Ticats can't use DE Adrian Tracy, who had 4 sacks in pre-season, to replace @ENorwood40 because he's on the 1-game injured list.

Our players had better be on the lookout for meteorites ... lightning strikes ... jealous ex-girlfriends ... kids' toys left lying around ... and unexploded ordnances from WWII. Also chew their food very thoroughly before swallowing and by all means, don't step out of the shower without grabbing onto something for support!

Have I missed anything?

If only we could play games every day like they do in baseball. That seems to be the safest time for our team.

Man did someone cast an evil spell on Hamilton? Talk about injuries even outside of training camp or the game, Norwood house hold injury? Gaydosh and Watt injured even before camp, three players go down to injury outside of the field of play??

Oh well, bring in the replacements lets see what they can do.


I don't buy this, as publicly presented. Unless the roster rules, as I've know them, have changed, an injury, unrelated to football (suffered "in a household accident") would call for putting the injured player on the Disabled List, not one of the injured lists. It also looks like, in this case, the oft employed creative movement of players onto the 1-game injured list has bitten the Cats in their back side as Adrian Tracy is ineligible for Game 1.

Tracey might have been dinged up in the Winnipeg game. Austin did say in his post game interview that he didn`t think the team got out of the game totally unscathed on defense. The only one on that 1 game that I really doubt is injured is Masoli.