Has anyone heard anything on either injury?

I was worried about Lawrence too but he was asked what his odds of playing next week are and he said "the odds are 100%." so there's a little good news.

Norwood looked done. Which makes me wonder about Adrian Tracy. He is a killer, and I hope he can play. Sinkfield is a mystery.

For today's depth chart it showed Adrian Tracy on the 6 game injured list. That leaves Davis and Ellefsen on the practice roster as fill-ins for DE. Quincy McDuffie is also on the P.R. I wish I had better news...

Norwood looked like an ACL. It was an unfortunate low hit by Lawrence who looked really upset, the kind of upset when you hear a knee pop. Hopefully it's only a strain and no surgery damage, I hate seeing those knee injuries. The Sinkfield injury looked like a foot, he was walking on it, who knows.

As it turns out, something I noticed, and posted in the Ticats' Depth Chart thread, prior to this game, may well be significant -- the team activated from "Retired," on Saturday with no announcement, Antonio Coleman and put him on the 1-Game Injured list for the semi-final. We may see him again in Ottawa.

Gascon-Nadon stepped in for Norwood and apparently did OK from what I heard on the post game show but there may be another plan for replacing Norwood next week.

Sinkfield I think is an ankle so hard to say - at least that's what I saw from a tweet during the game. Austin will pull from his roster of healthy-enough players those they feel will give us a chance to win the game next week - whoever they are.

I was wondering the same with Norwoods status unclear with the injury but I'm sure it's not good when he can't place weight on it, if Adrien Tracy is available or still out due to injury?

Tracy would be a great replacement for Norwood if he is ready and Norwood injured and have to sit.

In Sinkfields case he looked to be walking around on the sidelines, hopefully he can go next week in Ottawa.

Mark Dile played a great game on the O Line and considering he had missed most of the year and I wonder how many m,ore players will be ready for next week and can play?


Interesting that while Austin rarely singles out individual players in his post-game scrums, he did so today with Dile who I don't think had played AT ALL this season. He came in and aside from one procedure penalty, had a very good game according to Austin. Of course the key to having a good game for the OL is NOT having your number called. Dile used to frustrate me because he took penalty after penalty but he seems to have learned to be more disciplined, thank goodness. Good for him and good for us.

Anyone know what's up With Toliver??

He’s been injured forever which is too bad as he was having a very good rookie season. Not sure what the injury was unfortunately or whether there is any chance of him returning this season.

I sure hope Toliver returns as he was one of our best receivers. Underwood has dropped too many passes he should have caught, including one in the end zone if I'm not mistaken. Sinkfield is a game breaker...sure hope he can play and is used by whoever is the starting QB.

If Sinkfield can't play in Ottawa, might we see Quincy McDuffie for the first time since his pre-season 98 yd. kickoff return?
Another thought, since it may be a tough, mixed precipitation, day in Ottawa -- play Woodson in Sinkfield's role and dress Ford or Holley to back up Gable.

Unfortunately correct , it's official Eric Norwood suffered a torn ACL and is finished for this season and maybe even the start of training camp in "16". This is a tough loss for the team and another bad break for Norwood who has had trouble staying healthy all season. Possible replacements at DE for Norwood for this game would be Cdn Gascon-Nadon who filled in nicely when called upon in the ESF , the only other DE's currently listed on the roster are (imp) Troy Davis (pr) and (cdn)Everett Ellefsen (pr). Adrian Tracey is listed on the 6 gm and most likely not available for the EF. Although another long shot option might be Antonio Coleman who spent the first half of the season on IL before retiring. Another poster on here mentioned that Coleman is apparently back with the team but he isn't currently listed on the roster/IL/PR.

Here is the Link to the TSN announcement about Norwood:

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You're the tell us.

FWIW, Sinkfield ran on the field jumping up and down in his flip-flops after Medlock's game-winner. For a supposed foot injury, I would think that means it's at least somewhat minor.

McDuffie played week 5 in Saskatchewan - 2 catches for 8 yards.

Right you are, jordan02. I stand, well actually sit, corrected. I guess his performance didn't register, with me, enough to remember and, with the coaches, enough to give him another shot.

That sucks, I've seen a lot them. If he has surgery next month that should put him back in action probably July or early August. It'll take some time for all the swelling to to down before they fix it. As with Collaros, athletes heal pretty fast.