Norwood a Rider?

TSN is reporting Norwood is set to sign with the Riders

Norwood tweeted he was getting on a plane to hit up Regina for a few days

pretty interesting. Norwood, when healthy, was one of the top DE and especially pass rush specialists in the game. Now, he "should" be ready to go, but based on reports he is already going full out in practice, drills and basketball, and more working on endurance than strength at this point. What an amazing pickup if true. I mean even if he doesn't join the game play until late August or September it would be a massive signing. Norwood > Lemon what a combination and rotation. Pretty exciting news. I am sure Norwood was pretty sought after.

I like this signing a great deal.

has been announced by the CFL that it is official. Sounds like his release by the Cats was against the CBA because he was still injured, so they had to work some stuff out there.

If it is anything near the same price as last season this is a pretty sweet pickup.