Northewest Territories

Why is it so hard to ask for a Football team in the city of RAE,Yellowknife and many other city in and around Canada region

Because you cant have a team if the population is too small.
Who would build a 25,000 seat stadium in a city that only has 10,000 people


In Madden 2005, I once moved an NFL team to Anchorage, Alaska (Kanga-Kucha would be proud of me). And though I won most of my games, my stadium was never filled at more than 35% of its capacity. My team just kept losing money.

If even the video game can't generate enough fan support, I doubt real people with real money would do any better. :slight_smile:

lol, Anchorage? nice.
Try moving the Miami Dolphins, to an outside stadium in Winterpeg, and playing the AFC Championship game there.

The approximate population of all the territories combined is roughly 100 000, and Nunavut alone is over half the size of Europe. Yellowknife doesn't even have a junior hockey team. However, maybe an exhibition game could occur?

Play the Grey Cup game up there!

the Territories? WAY TOO SMALL!!!

I wouldn't even think of putting a team up there, or the Grey Cup (unless they have a 20,000+ staduim up there which last time I checked, they don't).

the Territories should try for a team in the CBL when that starts up again, for now, here is a cool fantasy CBL website.

Somehow I don’t think the CBL will ever return.

However, that fantasy league; Drummondville Doughboys? Kelowna Americans? Come on! Drummondville is named after a Canadian general, for goodness sake. And last I time I checked Kelowna is Canadian.

Nice site though.

By the way, Whitehorse is bigger than Yellowknife by roughly 5000 people and has a warmer climate (at least in summer).