North-South or East-West for new stadium?

Since the a brand new stadium is being built rather than an old one renovated, they might have the freedom to build the new one with an north-south orientation.

The current east-west orientation is unique amongst football stadiums, which is cool, but I think a north-south is better for playing in (which is probably why there aren't many east-west oriented stadiums).

Saw this on another site:

[url=] ... orth-south[/url]

Seems to me North-South would be more advantageous.

The football club has ponied up $9 million towards construction in exchange for naming rights, a figure that may be difficult to recoup due to a location that isn’t on a major highway.

Thanks Bob !!

Maybe now that it's a brand new stadium some corporate money will come forward from guys like Foxcroft !! :thup:

If they go north- south make sure the Hamilton side is on the west. This is so they are not looking into the sun during game days. The BC Lions made this mistake with Empire Field. Their bench looks directly into the sun. On hot days, the Lions are baking in the sun, while the visting team is in the shade. So much for home field advantage.

I do think that turning the stadium in any direction would cause us to lose the Ivor Wynne feel we've always had. It would feel weird to sit in a different direction.
However, if they do have to turn the stadium then I think going north-east to south-west might be an idea. If the stadium was built north south you would probably lose having the wind at your back or in your face as you would have cross winds more often than not. Going about 45 degress would allow the sun for afternoon games to flood in without having the shadows of the stands to get in the way and still being able to keep most of the wind in line with the field. During night games you be at enough of an angle to not get the sun directly in your eyes as it sets.
The other thing that needs to asked is does the city want to keep a second field like the way it is now? That would have an impact on how the stadium needs to be situated.

I think the Spec reporter here has taken "the wrong angle" on this story:

[url=] ... orth-south[/url]

Shouldn't his "180 degrees" in paragraph 4 be 90 degrees?

Perhaps he got confused by the people who use 360 degrees as a metaphor for a complete reversal of their position, when it would actually signify a return to their original position and they should be using 180....

  1. John Kernaghan doesn't write for the Spec any more.

  2. Maybe he really wants to change the configuration from East-West to West-East. :lol:

Why not build new East and West stands (22,500 seats) and leave the existing North grandstand as end zone seating - viola a 40k stadium. No need for major renovations to the end zone bleachers - after all they're end zone bleachers :slight_smile:

Thats a GREAT idea, and then there the cheap seats !! :thup:

very interesting.
So I went to google maps, and cut a piece of paper the size of Ivor Wynne and with exception of the corners of the "new" north-side end-zone seats having obstructed angles from the "new" east-west grandstands , it's perfect.

Lots of room for south-side bleachers on Labour Day,play-offs and Grey Cups.

I think it's BEYOND GREAT J5V -- The absolute best idea expressed anywhere in recent years under a heading with the word "stadium," in it.

There's no way anyone would use that idea to keep the north stands as end zone seats.. it just makes too much sense and will be tossed aside in a hurry !!!!

I do like the idea but it would still have to be renovated to fit the new structure ..would have to be shortened to fit and a new facade to match the new stadium .. the cost to do that may be more expensive than just ripping it down and become a non starter

but by far a great idea - one of the better on this site

:thup: Absolutely brilliant.

One thing confuses me, though, about this whole North-South option. How come it took a matter of hours to decide on this new option when it took so long to decide on the original IWS plan? :wink:

This is the best tossed out there thought/idea I have ever read on this forum. Such common sense and forward thinking. I just did a drive by of IWS with this idea in mind, and theres no question leaving the north stands and going north south with the new stands could work very well.

I would enjoy hearing Caretakers thoughts on this, and would like to see the City examine the idea fully. 40000 ish may be to many at times but over the years renos to the north side (new end zone) could include additional corporate entertainment areas and possibly a game day resturant with a nice view of the field.

Not all the seats have to be sold as cheap seats, some window dressing to hide part of the stands and to top it all off, why not incorporate a new home for the HOF say to the east or west end of the north stand.

All things that can be done but dont have to be done by 2014, plus 10000 temp sits for Grey Cup will make for 50000 total.

My OMG moment. You sir, deserve to have the new stadium named after you for this excellent idea. Insert the sound of Mike slowly clapping. :wink:

If they can do it, DO IT! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Now would you like me to tell you how to fix the 'Cats defence? Na, on second thought... Go Stamps Go! :cowboy:

Great, best idea i've seen here so far and it turns out it's from a Calgary fan. :roll:

J5V: Best stadium suggestion I have read! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: