North Dakota Reciever part 2?

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Will he follow the footsteps of Dressler?

I don't want Dressler PT 2 I want dressler :frowning:

On a serious note I like the signing.. I say he will have trouble making our roster this season with guys like Swain, Schillens and Riley all competing for our last import WR spot.

I think we have 4 starters pretty much set in stone at WR

Taj Smith




Swain, Schillens, R. Smith Riley and Calhoun will fight it out for that spot.. As much as I wanna cheer for the Dressler clone I would really like to have a guy as big, strong and fast as Schillens on our team.

However R. Smith will be turning 23 which is a saving grace for him as he could stick around a lot longer than Swain and Schillens who are both 29 this year, and Calhoun and Riley who are 27.

Wish the guy luck, but its an uphill battle this year! Hope to see him on the PR or maybe as a return man!

yeah...just saw that he is inked now lol

Obviously Dressler is near impossible to truly replace, but the loss of Sanders also creates the need for players like this...that guy who can do something with a quick hitter, but also find the deep gaps on a seem.

The club has brought in a lot of receiver talent to compete this year...which is good to see. I am hoping Alex Anthony gets a shot...while limited in action he looked really solid, and I believe this is the idea in letting Aaron Hargreaves go. Matt Brown could very easily be edged out by Ryan Smith as he may offer more tools to the club.

Geroy Simon...has his option even been picked up yet? They still haven't announced it, and about a month ago, BT still seemed to be not willing to fork out the full amount for his contract. If he is signed at full price, and one of the jr guys starts stepping up a bit, Simon will be axed mid-season if a good player is cut from the NFL. With the losses of Dressler, Hall, Rey Williams, Milt Collins, Sholo, etc...there is some room in the cap, and some need for a name or 2. as heck...with Dressler gone, ye might stick this time. Etienne and Getz will rotate...if Etienne continues progressing, I could see him as a Simon replacement in time.

I was pretty high on Sisco, but I have to think he doesn't make it through the season unless he does something big fast.

I do think the club is fine at WR/SB, they just need to find the combo for DD that works. The staples are there...Getz, Smith, Bagg...they need those 2-3 more is all...Riley, I have to think is one of those. Simon, yeah, probably.

McHenry...he is a great rotational guy, and I question if they should be bringing him in as a FB at times. He is a solid blocker, and could be a great option on the short yardage packages.

If they do carry a 4th import receiver he would have to do other things and Smith is a returner but also seems like he would fit in very nicely on all special teams coverage etc.
For Sisco it is make or break time. they brought Etienne in and Alex has the great upside to develop.
The one thing the Riders have is $$$ and last season they began usuing the 9 game IR to keep players with the team. Its a long season and injuries can mount up always good to have young replacements waiting in the wings.
They seem to be the first CFL team to have a salary capoligist who can manuever the roster around keep all the players they want and not tower over the cap like many thought.

Yeah...i am still not a fan of the 9 game abuse, but BT did an amazing job with it. It is a loophole that needs closed, but cant fault him for using it while it is there. The point on Smith over Brown based...yeah, this was what i was getting at as well. Brown has a leg up on knowing thw system, ao it should bw an interesting camp battle...especially as the dont play the same spot

There is no lack of talent that is for sure. Over the past two season BT and Chamblain have put a very effective system in place using the PR, 9 game IR, and one game IR to almost perfection. I would expect the same this year as well.
It also does not hurt to have two top Junior Teams in the province in Saskatoon and Regina in which to develop players.

Heck both Newman and Evans came that route and were taken by other teams, thats how good a system they have going. Both have been around for a few years and neither are even 25 yet

The one thing I do not think the Riders will do is rush him. If he should come in and really catch on like Tasker did in Hamilton we could see him in the starting lineup. Granted Tasker had the familiarity with Austin and Condells system but he still had to come from a FCS school and right into the CFL after competing in a pro camp only be it the NFL.
If not he will more than likely start the season in a developmental spot with the Riders which would likely mean the 9 game IR for at least the first half of the season. He could also start on the PR but I think the Riders consider his potential a step up so he would be safe and sound on the 9 game

Based on BT's statement today, it sounds unlikely Geroy will be back.

Not unless he agrees to renogatiate his contract to a lower base salary. Much lower I would guess.
Either he and the Riders will be able to agree on what his market value would be around the league and give him a bit more or they release him and allow him to search out what his value is