"North Coast" Offence....hmmmm LOL

I don't know if anyone caught the short interview between Jason Maas and Ted Michaels on Sunday's Ticat Show on CHML.

Maas mentioned the fact that Charlie Taaffe has brought elements of the West Coast offense with him and has been working with Maas on his footwork to reflect timing issues with plays. He also made it clear he was learning new aspects re his footwork that he hadn't worked on before.

Now I'm not going to get into a West Coast offense discussion here or how the timing mechanisms of the NFL WCO family tree apply to the Canadian game, but it's the first time I can ever recall a Tiger-Cat pivot talking about footwork issues like that.

Maas went on to say that Taaffe is on the case -- he tells receivers when their route depths are off, etc. The implication seemed to me that Charlie makes sure the passer and catcher get it so that the routinization of that kind of synch is front and centre at practice.

If and when that show is podcasted, I will link to it. I would assume this will be done soon.

I don't need to tell anyone who has followed the development of WC approaches down south that the kind of discipline and attentiveness to detail that such training can provide ANY QB -- whether an established one in Canada like Maas or an up-and-comer in Timmy Chang.

"As Steve Young says, "...the West Coast offense as it originated with Bill Walsh is any play or set of plays that tie the quarterback's feet to the receiver's route so there is a sense of timing.""


Another article below goes into the Walsh WCO and its hybrids.


The encouraging aspect for me is that Taaffe demands accountability at all levels of the process. The fact that he is stressing discipline in pass play execution as an ongoing concern bodes well for the development of a culture of success on the team where even if one screws up, one is going to have a clue as to why or his teammates will, not just Charlie and the staff.

Football is a mental process. In the "chess for violent people" rubric, you want Bobby Fischers out there, not Fisher Price!

Oski Wee Wee,

Sounds like they may need to use a metronome at practice.