North Carolina Grey Cup watch party

Anyone in NC who wants to watch with other CFL junkies - Thomasville NC is in the centre of the state (map it) and is the home to your party. Here's what I ask - you tell me what you want to drink. What I do - buy it, and supply a seat. Thanks to Versus for providing the game on REAL tv and not making us watch it like Chinese dissidents liked we have been all season... PM me for info, and we'll hook it up Canada style in NC... I'll supply the booze, you bring something to grub on. Capice?

Great I had family in Raleigh at one time they all live in Washington state now. I qwish I was there that would be fun! By the way it is the Year of the Horse is it not lol.

Thats awesome, get some people in those seats and introduce them to CFL regardless :smiley:

Having one here in San Diego as well. :rockin:

Just some of my family and friends down here who don’t know the CFL but love any gridiron enough to give it a shot. Spread the word!