UNFOURTUNATE for mallett the team and the fans but i guess like they say happens. This now gives me optimisim on walker from what i seen at mini camp and heard from training camp malletts misfourtune could be walkers gain step up and take #1. Im sure it will all work out however I DO NOT want avon back he talks more then he leads by example and if u ever foloow his twitter he sure does talk alot. if hes as good as he think why hasnt anyone picked him up. If i had the gun id bring in cates we havent had a small back since i cant remeber when somehow in years past lumsden etc the big bruiser runs are hit and miss wes cates could be our pinball Any thoughts?????

Yea, I have a thought.
But you're not going to find out until you go back and read your comment out loud to yourself and correct all the mistakes including adding about 10 periods.

Then I will spend the time to try and answer your question. :lol:

Oh I can live with the lack of punctuation when push comes to shove. . . and I might even overlook "unfourtunate" being misspelled, but as most on here know, this one really bugs me, misusing "then" for "than."

Maybe he meant that Deuces talks a lot, and then leads by example.

Avon deserves better... But a man has to feed his family...

The worst is "should of". I would like to ask someone who writes that to say it slowly and tell me how it makes any sense. But that's a whole nother topic :roll:

Nice spin CatsFan !

But that's the problem in a nutshell. Misusing the words then and than leaves the reader uncertain about what was meant. Did he mean AC talks more THAN he leads, or did he mean that AC talks and THEN leads ?

I think Avon would fit right in. Afet all he asked to be released, here is his chance to show he still has game, which I believe he does and he is a leader as well. I hope we sign him

All I will say to Avon: Get your money up front Son !

is Onknight back under a different name....sure sounds like it, anyways, oski wee wee, enjoy the season!

my apologies to all you great fans who mastered in english but this forum was not posted as a english lesson it was meant to the thoughts of how we would like to see brought in as a running back but whoever they bring in heads up to them they better speak and write proper english or they will be cut by the great people on here that master in proper english

Relax bill, no one here is claiming to be an English master, nothing was suggested along those lines, so don't get all defensive. We are all here to chat football, you are correct. We aren't talking esoteric matters here, just some very basic spelling and grammar. . . and if we are going to use the English language, we should all make an attempt to use it properly, don't you agree? Look at the example I gave, if you are sloppy and careless, you run the risk of being misunderstood.

Also run-on sentences are very hard to read… usually I just stop reading them. So if we all just follow some basic grammar rules we learned in elementary school, well be ok! That's all we're asking! :cowboy:

If your making a legit point I don't care how bad your grammar is.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani

BREAKING: Have learned the #Slapdickery is coming back to the Hammer. @AvonCobourne has come to terms on a contract with the #Ticats. #CFL

I was hoping we could just go with a rookie but Avon's back...

I just re-read your original post, and realized that I had completely missed your point about Chevron Walker the first time through. I suspect that the way it was written, my eyes just started skipping around and my brain couldn't focus on all of the points.

To summarize your post, you said:

  • You feel bad for Martell Mallett that he was injured and will miss the season;
  • You think Chevron Walker has shown some talent in training camp so far, and that Mallett's injury may give him the chance to become the number one running back with the team;
  • You would not want to see Avon Cobourne back, as you felt that he says too much in public, and does not provide the leadership expected from a veteran;
  • You think Wes Cates would be a good replacement for Mallett, as you prefer small running backs over big ones.

Is that correct? Did I catch everything?

Personally, I didn't have a problem with Cobourne speaking in public. I don't think anything he said was untrue, and any negative comments were probably more a result of his frustration with the attitudes of other players and with his own performance. I thought he did a pretty good job for us, slightly better than what Cobb did for us the previous season. A bit slower than Cobb in breakaway speed, but at least he wasn't afraid to get hit, and would make his own holes occasionally.

I'm not quite sure why you consider Wes Cates a small running back. He's listed at 6'0", 215 lbs. That doesn't seem that small to me. I think he's a good running back, though, or at least he used to be. He's probably worth looking at too.

Welcome back Avon but I was hoping we'd go a different direction. Oh well, as long has he plays well although I still think it should be a competition between Walker and Cobourne, nobody should have a job handed to them.

I'm happy with AVON...but then again...I'd be happy with Ricky Williams too. :wink:

No matter who our #1 is, we need a good back-up RB and I think O'bie knows what he is doing. We will be OK at RB.

Besides, Avon didn't burn any bridges when he left, so I have no problem with the signing.

Welcome back AC. :thup:

I really don't think that is a fair statement at all. I think he was a good leader and was more than willing to point the finger at himself as well as others. I welcome him back and his jawing off to other teams makes it a lot of fun too.

Indeed. Avon is a talker, always has been, but he backs it up on the field. He led by example, piled up the rushing and receiving stats, was a great blocker. He did everything asked of him.