noone complaining about the half time show?

usually the days after grey cup are spent complaining about the half time show.

not this year?

is it cuz Lenny kicked ass, or just because it was rock'N'roll?

Lenny put on a great show as usual. He was my first concert which was at the old Pacific Colosium in Van City, this was in 91 or 92 I think.

It's because I didn't watch it; out on the balcony for a smoke, into my den to post a few remarks in the forums, out to the kitchen to get another beer, and then back in front of the TV in time to see the halftime panel comments.

Kravitz did well. I didn't know his music/style before, now I do...I may actually pick up one of his CD's

the only thing i have to complain about is the nasty weed smell during the halftime show(it was probably just around my seat)

man i thought i was gunna get high from inhailing so much :x

Surely you guys are kidding!

A reported 2 million bucks for 3 songs??? gimme a break…waste of money!!!

The first song was totally destoyed and distorted. The next two were barely discernable but distorted!

By contrast the Kim Mitchell performance outside prior to the game was GREAT!!!

AND along with a few fly-bys by the SNOWBIRDS way outclassed the noise and smoke of Lenny Kravitz!

Great show. Sounded awesome. Half time definitely has to be some rock. Probably the best halftime show I’ve seen.

While I agree with you that it may be the best half time show you have seen (being as you probably only caught the Black Eyed Peas before).

The production, mixing and presentation was downright terrible! I'm sure we could have gotten something better for $100,000.

2 million bucks???? Again...what a waste!!!!

get his best of.
then download 'stillness of heart'.

thats pretty much all his hits right there.

Kim Mitchell would've been a great choice. One of the best guitarists Canada has to offer...have listened to him since back in his Max Webster days.

Re Nickelback...Chad's dealing with a DWI charge right to stay away from him at the moment.

Didn't care for it but my daughter thought it was great. But compared to the Black-Eyed Peas, it was fantastic and worth every penny.

I didn't realize it was 2 mill. Definitely would have settled for a smaller rock act. But still, from watchin on TV, I thought it sounded great and having people on the field really added to the atmosphere.

If he cost 2 mill, I would what Neil Young would have been, he'd be my number one.

Again, why do we need Big Name half time acts? I would go regardless who was singing. I'm there for the football. Put the Regina High School marching band on instead, and save me $50.00 off of my ticket.

Do we really need a halftime show that makes the break 30 minutes instead of 15?

I thought it was a pretty good show. I'm guessing his first song was a new one? It wasn't bad. I was surprised to see him play American Woman, but I guess he played that for the younger generations. :lol:

I tend to agree with this.

The mascot soccer game's a bit hit with me. Most are in a beer line up anyhow. I guess for the TV viewers, you've got to have something. But, even then, it's a couple of songs and some (like me) missed it anyhow.

I wasn't complaining about the show Chief. I like Lenny Kravitz's stuff anyways. I'm just always amused at how both the CFL and NFL pull their hair out on who to put in the half time show. Again I ask Why? It's football that I am watching. If I want music, I'll go to Much Music or a concert. Why INFLATE ticket prices for a half time show of three songs?

It's the biggest game of the year, the showcase of Canadian football (although for a large portion of the game Sunday I wouldn't call it a showcase), maybe I'm in the minority but I enjoy the halftime shows, and I thought Lenny did really well.

I was just posting in general, Sportsmen. I actually didn't see your first post until now. I'm guessing you posted yours as I was typing mine. :lol:

But I enjoy the halftime shows. It's a nice break between the halves, and I mean, it's the biggest game of the year; I think we should do something big to recognize that.

Besides, it beats 30 minutes of listening to the CBC panel trip over themselves because none of them know how to enunciate. :lol:

I thought it was great, but then I've always liked Kravitz. I really don't give a damn what he was paid.

Didn't watch the half-time show, went out to pick up Chinese food. Still think the Grey Cup should feature Canadians.

Best Grey Cup half-time show I've seen - Trooper

Worst Grey Cup half-time show I've seen - Tie, Black Eyed Peas and whoever the bimbo was last year.

Acts I would like to see - Stompin Tom (I know Ive said that a million times), The Stampeders (went to see them last week and they still rock and might be the only way the Stampeders play in the Grey Cup in the near future)......Sorry couldn't resist.