Noon east time??? what the heck. Where do they get off starting a game so early on a sunday while half the people in western Canada are still in bed. Way to cater to the east.

It should be the west game on at 3 est and the east game on at 7 est.

I have to take a shot of something to even get up in time, let alone actually be awake. sheesh

Which game is that? Looking the league's schedule and the TSN site. The SSK - MTL game is 1pm EST which is normal. The East semi and final are both 1pm EST start times too.

the tsn guys just said that the east semi was 12 noon est. It may be normal, but still stupid.

Probably the pre game show but I don't always tune in to that part...I'll sleep in for that segment too :slight_smile:


The pre-game will begin at noon; the game at 13h. In the West,the game will begin at 16h30.


It’s noon , not 4 am ! Some how the brave people of Western Canada will persevere and watch a huge , all important clash of titans :lol:

Surprised that they would be doing a one hour pre-game for CFL when that time slot is usually part of a two hour NFL preview for their Sunday games.

Thanks Richard you made me miss the game :thup: game started at 1030 am on the wet coast.