Noob Questions..

I would like to say hello to everyone on the CFL forums. I consider myself to be an open-minded american football(NFL) fan but have always had some intrest in the CFL. I was woundering if someone could give me the differences between the 2 CFL & NFL. All I know about the CFL is that the field dimensions are larger than that of an NFL field. :smiley:

3 down football, lineman line up one yard aparton the scrimmage, 12 men, a single for a missed field goal, no fair catch, 110 yard not 100. Wider field! Back field in motion did I miss any!

Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy the games!!


As you know dimensions:
-CFL is 65 yards wide by 110 yards long with 20 yard endzones.
-NFL is 53 1/3 yards wide by 100 yards long with 10 yard endzones.


Players on the field:

Players in motion:
-CFL unlimited (except offensive lineman)
-NFL one (not an offensive lineman)

-CFL- has a no yards rule, which is a five yard halo around the returner allowing the returner to return the ball
-NFL-fair catch rule

goal posts:
CFL-On the goalline (which allows for missed field goals, which we see a lot (comparable to Nathan Vasher's return last year)
NFL-On the endzone line

Rouge (single point):
CFL-Single point is awarded on punts or field goals that are not returned in the endzone or are kicked thorugh the endzone, or kick-offs that are downed in the endzone (encourages returns)
NFL-touchback, no points awarded

CFL-one per half
NFL-three per half

-CFL-College style, start from 35 and try to score, other team then has to match or score more points to win
-NFL-sudden death

Play clock:
-CFL-20 seconds
-NFL-40 seconds

-CFL-three minutes
-NFL-two minutes

-CFL-one yard apart
-NFL-on line of scrimmage

Hopefully this helps you out.

Note: if I got anything wrong please feel free to correct me.

Thanks Roughy I did not want to type all that out! But way to go!

Good job roughy... You forgot one :


  • CFL: 18
  • NFL: 16

Hey, I've got another one...


  • CFL: Season ticket
  • NFL: Single ticket


Where the heck have you been watching NFL games? Every NFL ticket i've ever purchased is in the $15-25(usd) range in Minnesota ...


Also The Play Clock Doesn't Start Running Untill The Ref Puts Down The Ball. And The Most Important Rule, The Import Rule. Teams Can Only Have 18 Imported Players On Their Rosters.

When did the CFL change the ball size?

By the way... A single is not a reward for a missed field goal. It is a point rewarded for the defending team not bringing the ball out of the endzone! of the BIGGEST differences is in the lattitude we give to our players in the CFL..vs. the nfl.....with regards to 'so-called' drug offences...We....generally tend to overlook the indescretions of a player ...and our rules and laws regarding the use of illegal substances are a little more lax...some think that's a bad thing...others are more accepting..

All over the above make the CFL game alot better than the NFL.

Now, if they could just… bah bah AP bah bah Singles on goalpost contact bah bah bah then it would be the best grin iron football in the world IMO.

any questions or comments, please PM me.

(old timers, now that I said it, it’s dead, what goes on on this post in regards to the second paragraph, says on this post)

Here's a great resource for comparing the differences in the CFL and NFL.