Non-televised games

To the broadcasters out there...WAKE UP!

How can they justify not showing the 5 games that they have chosen not to televise for this season; especially the upcoming post labour day game in Winnipeg (Sask/Wpg rematch).

The time has come for the CFL to go all the way by ensuring that all regular season games are televised. Last year they utilized Sportsnet - excellent move! So why the digression this year?

seconded, agreed, whatever it takes to get those damn games on, do it.

Who I feel sorry for most is Ottawa. How does the league expect them to get more fans when they don’t even show their damn games, and 3 away games at that. Very dumb, very very very very very dumb

OTTAWA , has 15 games on T.V. , this year.

I sure they will have more next year , now that they have stable ownership.

Networks can't just show other games , when they feel like it.

They have scheds. that are done months in advance and if they have contracts to show other sports , they have to show those sports or they don't make any money.

GLOBAL.........shows NFL games and will not touch the CFL............

CTV...............Their thing is the BLUE it is with , Sports Net which is owned by , ROGERS.

The SCORE...........doesn't have the money.......unless they take a feed from another network........but then they wouldn't be needed.

TSN..........shows but also has .......NFL, MLB , NHL , NBA and.......... the WWE...............there may be no room to show CFL games...................and they have contracts to show those other sports.

The CBC strike will end...............but a strike has nothing to do with the CFL..............and it is the teams who deside which games are blacked out, not the league. :smiley:

To Billy Soup,
I empathize with you regarding the 3 Ottawa games not shown on TV this year - this year they got burned. However as a Sask fan, I will say that this was the first year that Sask didn't get burned. Usually they have more games non-televised than any other. For the first time in a long time Sask is not on the low end of the pole.

To Hellothere,
Yes it is quite obvious that schedules are sent well ahead of time by the various is exactly that for which I am referring too. The CFL's televised schedule is also set well in advance giving a network such as Sportsnet the opportuntiy to adjust to the schedule. Last year they did a great job in adjusting and, for the first year ever, all CFL games were televised. And, on the one game where they were already broadcasting the Blue Jays game, for that day they utilized the regional Sportsnet by showing the Riders Bombers game on the Sportsnet West while the Jays remained on the other three Sportsnet channels - well done Sportsnet!

So what happened this year???