Non-suspension: CFL proves it is second rate to NFL

On Sunday, there was a helmet to helmet hit in the NFL, and it seemed unintentional. Well, that didn't matter to the NFL. There was a one game suspension and a $50K fine.
From the NFL:
"Once you leave your feet to launch, in the view of the competition committee, you now have strict liability if you end up helmet to helmet with another player. When you launch, you take away your ability to be in control.

In the CFL, leaving your feet and leading with the helmet after the play is over seems to be ok. Way to go and put a bulls-eye on the top players in the league, any player actually. :frowning: :frowning:

And then they reward your team by calling more penalties against the defenders in a broohaha afterwards. Bush!

I like Tom Higgens he's a really nice guy but lets face it, he's a wuss. He couldn't even keep his players from acting like bafoons in Calgary yet alone be a disciplinarian for the league. I guess we shouldn't have expected anymore.

REally did you expect a suspension and why? Just to hire an aribtrator to say it will not uphold the suspension. Fines are the only way around this.

Please, these comments are bush. AB never left his feet, and it was Bryant's fault for retaliating and costing his team 10 yards.

Pleeeeease. I went back and watched the video.

He didn’t leave his feet but he was at the 9 yard line when Glenn released the ball from the 13 yard line and took 3 full strides to hit him. Thats waaaaaay too late to not warrant a suspension when the league has stated over and over again that they want to protect their QBs. And waaaaaay too late to reward the Eskimos with 10 yards when all that happened according to the announcers was “some pushing and shoving and then everyone got into it.”

Did you bother to watch the replay?

Yeah, I have, and he took two steps. And I'm sorry, but you of all people should not be complaining... :roll:

I didn’t expect Chief to complain about the late hit, just like I didn’t expect Higgins to hand down a suspension. I can pretty well guarantee that if it was Zeke Moreno putting a late helmet to helmet hit on Ricky Ray then Chief would be calling for the electric chair. It’s amazing how bias can blind some people.
I commend the other Eskimo fans out there that acknowledge that it was a cheap shot that warranted a suspension.

Little late to the party, no? Why don't you try reading my previous posts on the matter before you start spewing BS.

Higgens doesnt have the power to suspend players.

The difference being, He did not leave his feet

What's this leaving your feet thing matter? I don't get it. First, I would think you can deliver a blow equally as hard if you don't leave your feet and your intentions might be just as much to actually do a helmet to helmet hit as if you've left your feet, in fact, leaving your feet actually makes it less likely you can hit the guy because you can't adjust once you've done this.

This should have nothing to do with leaving your feet, nothing, even if it looks or appears that it does.

No doubt. Our biased mods are mixing up the NHL with the CFL. There is nothing in the rules that states leaving your feet is a penalty. Four yards and three strides is a late, late, late, violent attempt to injure. That kind of violence digusts me. What do you expect from a football team who throws helmuts at people I guess?

Agree Swervin. The play needs to be analyzed in it's entirety, not just the leaving the feet part as the main focus.

In chief's defense I disagree with you. I think he would leave it up to those that have the power to suspend or fine a player. I think he did protray this from the start did he not. Suspensions do not happen in the CFl get it in your head. The only thing they can do is fine a player. For any one wanting a suspension your in a dream wolrd by yourself it will not happen and is not going to happen until they fix a loop hole with the CFLPA. Your wasting time by wanting a suspension that is not going to happen. The fines were warranted. Each player that took part in this melee should be fined.

they said they didn't suspend him because of the players deal, and the fact the last two suspensions were overturned..

they're going to restructure in 2010 when the players agreement expires.

....AND AS WELL...redwhite and chief would be all over this ...wanting a police investigation...suspension and fines of great proportions...if it were Burris or Ray, who took that shot and was put out....It's always easy to see the lighter aspects of things when it's not your ox that is getting gored....Well i hope for your guys sake...Chief and red, that it isn't your qb. who is nailed in the future with an intent to injure shot (because that is what it was and everyone knows it)....cuz i believe we' would hear the scrrrreaming, echoing all-over the prairies..... :thdn: what a bush-league decision by Higgins....that hit deserved a message to be sent.....and the pathetic stance taken will not bode well for future comparable incidents :thdn:...

Stop crying Bombers fans. It wouldnt have mattered what team received the hit or dealt out the hit. The bargaining agreement is the same for every single team. There really is no viable way to suspend players in the CFL until 2010 when the agreement can be re-done. That said I am an Esks fan and i still think that if possible he deserved a game for the hit.

.....there's a difference between venting and going over the facts...and crying....but apparently you fail to grasp that...EVEN IF...we have to wait till the contract with the cflpa expires ...A MESSAGE should have been sent along with the fine...instead of the ' we'll just brush this one under the carpet crap' ,,,a suspension could have been pursued ..even if we know that the league would lose on least the league would have shown some kind of concern for Barrencheas actions...The fine is b .s....besides the amount not being published (a joke in itself) it's a token attempt to look like justice has been served.... :lol: :lol: ....

i agree that suspesions are not upheld and its disgusting. if the league suspends a player. they miss those games no if and or buts. not chance to appeal or arbitrate. players have to suck it up when they do something wrong serve their suspension and get on with the rest of the season there after. barrenchea should not be allowed to dress for this game. it is sick how poor the cfl takes actions such as that.