Non RIder/Esk fans who watched the game please respond!

Okay, as a member, and loser of the Rider/Eskimo bet, I am not aloud to complain about the officiating. However, The Ray TD, as I seen it, was not a TD. To me it appeared that his knee was on the ground long before the ball crossed the plane. I know there is another topic about this but there are 5 pages I am not interested in reading. I also know that I have a slight tendency to be bias in favour of the Riders. BUT I watched that replay over and over and I really think I was not incorrect in my view. What I would like from all non Rider or Esk fans who watched the game is to say how you seen it? It really does not matter any more, but I want to know if I am at all justified in my dissapointment. And I don't want to hear from Rider fans (since I am trying to hear unbiased opinions) or Esk fans (reasons obvious). Saskargo, your opinion is more biased than any Esk fan so you don't count either. I am not trying to complain about the refs, I just want to know your unbiased opinion.

Go Riders!!

P.S. If you are a non Rider/Esk fan, but consider yourself bias against either team again, please do not respond. Thank you.

A fan of another team support the Riders? You gotta be kidding.
BTW if we lose to Calgary, dump your wife already. :?

First off you are not honoring your bet! I will not respond because I am biased!

As tough as it may be, according to our bet, we should not even ask these questions as it could be construed as 'against the bet'.

I am having trouble with it too, although for a different reason. For me, it is a question about NO YARDS, in general, not a game specific question. However, I will wait until the end of the grey cup to ask my question.

Riderfanatic, if I remember correctly, which is in doubt :slight_smile:, we're not allowed to complain about officiating. I think you should be able to ask a question regarding No Yards, as long as the question is about the rule and how it's applied, and not in reference to any specific play.

Biased opinion.What do you mean Saskargos opinion doesn’t count.
Oh well I thought Ray was down.However my opinion doesn’t count.
Stop crying about the refs.You lost,and honor your bet.I did.

As neither a Sask or Edm fan let me say this.
I did not see Ray's knee touch the ground but even if it did, remember this.
If it did touch the ground that alone does not consider him to be down. He must be touched while his knee is on the ground. A player can slip and fall to the ground and if he is not touched he can get up and continue the play.

Also bare in mind that the refs did not get to see the replay over and over again. They get a quick look at it and make a call.

You are only partly correct on the knee down touching thing. A player is also donw when his knee touches the ground if he is down by contact, as in the reason he is on the ground is because someone influenced him toward that point by some physical touching.

Second, he was definetly being touched at the time. someone had a hand on him the whole time.

I agree with te ref, and how he had to make a discision without the benifet of the replay. I don't blame him for a second.

I am not complaining about the refs. Overall, I think the officiating was not too bad. I just wanted to know if any unbiased people saw it the way I did. There was so much Esk fan/rider fan bickering about it, I just wanted someone with an objective opinion to tell me it. If it was a TD fine, if it wasn't fine! Not like it matters now anyway. We had plenty of time and oportunity to win that game with or without that TD and we didn't. It wasn't the refs fault, it was us being outplayed in a very entertaining game. Now rather than telling me how I am not honouring the conditions of the bet, will someone please tell me how they saw it.

Go Riders!!

P.S. Sorry Saskargo for assuming you would automatically take the side of the Esks because they are not the Riders. I appologize and thank you for your input.

I think the closeness of the game was underscored by how close that call was. To make it easier, he should've either fumbled the ball, or got in untouched. But, as in the game, it was very close.

Luckily, the bet has no bearing on me complaining about our namby-pamby play-calling (I can't swear, and the NFL columnist uses that term, I think it's funny). What kind of moron calls two consecutive draw plays against a team that's bottled up our running game the entire game? Especially when we're on their 17 in a game that we had trouble doing anything but two-and-out's on offence for the most part? Why not take a shot????? As long as it's not a hitch screen that could be intercepted for a touchdown, the worst that could happen would be some sort of turnover making them march the entire length of the field.

In my opinion, if the play-calling stays this conservative, we'll be lucky to make the playoffs, nevermind win any games in them. I'm done blaming the players for the results, it's on the coaching staff now.

Billy do not mean to pick on you on this one but I believe the good doctor asked for non biased posters what are you! I know I am being picky! Actually there was only one person that fits biased that has posted so far!

In my defense, I only commented on the closeness of the play, not my opinion of it.

This is tough with these new rules. Now I know what an NHL defenceman must feel like.

i dont have a favorite team, and i thought the refs made a good call

Did you notice I did not say anywhere in my post that whether I thought he was in or not. I only stated the rules of being down or not, and clarified a few things for ro1313, since he had not seen the replay.
When you try to catch me on something. make sure you actually do. :wink:

Again Billy I said I was being picky right! But again he only wanted non biased people to respond! Yes I responded to get picky!

Thank you.

Go Riders!!

Dr.Rise, why would you think I'm so Biased.I just tell the truth.I have never lied on this forum.I call it,like I see it.
You may not like what I say all the time.However,I just give you the true facts.

Riders fans are all suckers though, Right?

thats a fact, as saskargo sees it...hahaha

Why did you guys even take the bet when you turn around and make this post, come on grow a set of balls and stop complaining, in Edmonton, when you lose a bet , we actually follow through with it, how does it work in Sask?